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The mission of Gemlovers International Private Limited is to unite the best representatives of the Gemstone world, to provide the opportunity to search and choose "your stone" with an unbeatable price. We help you navigate better with the selection of stones, debunking myths and revealing all the secrets of the world of precious and semiprecious gemstones, using our experience of several generations.

Our goal:

To become the Pioneer company that sells Beautiful Gemstones at reasonable prices. Our company provides an opportunity for all our clients to visit the wholesale markets of Sri Lanka's precious gemstones, where we can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated amateurs and connoisseurs of gemstone. You will be able to see the "heart", the hottest offers, freshly extracted( mined) gemstones at wholesale prices, which a week ago lay in the ground like a natural material. If you wish you can also visit the deposits, go down into the mine and touch the "nature". All that you see is one of the best offers in the world. Our experts are always ready to help , you will learn how to conduct independent selection and choose exactly what you need from thousands of gemstones. You will be provided with a huge selection of gemstones according to your specifications. We give you buying prices lower than at any of the regular world exhibitions. Moreover, the prices are lower than the prices on our website, we provide this opportunity by optimizing our costs. Feel always free to contact us by phone or you may also fill out the application on the gemlovers website.