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Emerald from Zambia

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Last decade Zambia became an important source of gem-quality green beryl emerald. Popularity of natural zambian emeralds growths, and, nowadays, it is considered to take approximately 1/5 of all emerald market. Discovery and promotion of this deposit changed the picture of gem and jewellery world, shifted Columbia from a pedestal of the best quality emerald mines.

Origin: All Zambia
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Mining of green beryl gemstone in Zambia

Zambia is located on the territory of South Africa, that produces a plenty of different gems: ruby, tanzanite, diamonds, tourmaline, spinel and many others, included beryl. The largest mine of gem-quality green beryl is Kagem.

Quality of Zambian emeralds

Value of this gemstone depends on summary quality factors:

Being the main competitor of Columbia, Zambian emeralds are famous for good and fine quality: color and transparency. Interesting, that in average, this precious stones display saturated and bright green hue, perfect luster and polishing. As all green beryl, african raw material contains fractures and cracks and is suitable for clarity enhancement. Usually, rough crystals are faceted in step-cut, octagonal, cushion, oval and pear shapes.

Purchase of Zambian emerald stones

If you want to buy good quality natural emerald stone, pay attention on south africa mines. Combining beautiful color, high clarity and nice cut, african green beryl stones have comparatively low prices on worldwide gemstone market. Gem Lovers Online Store offers certified zambian emeralds from 2 carat in profitable prices. You can choose and buy your excellent gemstone on our website with perfect selection! Welcome!