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Blue Sapphire

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Blue sapphire - is precious stone, gem variety of mineral corundum, one of the most popular and desirable gems in the history of humanity. Classic color of natural sapphire is blue. High clarity blue sapphires have a wide palette of shades: dark blue, light blue, with violet and greenish tinge. The best sapphires have a bright blue color without any additional shades. The most expensive colors are Cornflower Blue and Royal Blue.

Origin: All Madagascar | Sri Lanka (Ceylon) | West Africa
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Price of natural blue sapphires could be more than $ 60.000 per ct. Top blue and blue sapphires were mined historically in northern India in Kashmir and Burma. Nowadays Ceylon is one of the best deposit of blue sapphire. Sapphire, being the ‘pride of Sri Lanka’ won glory and love of all gem and jewelry lovers in the world. Suitable for cutting and polishing are transparent samples with the little amount of visible cracks and inclusions or even without them in top gems. Large sapphires with worse quality (visible cracks and inclusions or even opaque specimens) could be processed in cabochon form. Quality of cutting and carat weight are also very important to make perfect choice. Size of blue sapphires usually is small, faceted transparent sapphires are extremely rare exceed 5 carats. This means that as larger sapphire is, than price per carat is more. In conclusion, blue sapphire is rare and expensive precious stone, that you can find in Sri Lanka and enjoy its beauty in best jewelry.