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White Sapphire

White Sapphire image

White sapphire is an interesting gemstone from corundum family. Corundum mineral group is famous from jewelry lovers by its bright palette of precious and semiprecious gem-quality varieties. Corundum comes in almost every color within any color range. Among this rainbow of colored varieties there is an exception: natural white sapphire. White sapphire name is mostly commercial, because the correct description of its bodycolor is colorless sapphire. The reason of color occurrence in natural corundum is presence of different chemical elements, that have significant influence on absorbing and transmitting of some specter wavelength of the light, entered a stone. As to white sapphire, its crystalline structure is almost free from dyeing components and defects, therefore white sapphire displays an absence of color.

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Due to perfect luster on facets, smooth polishing and dispersion, cut white sapphire can demonstrate truly outstanding play. Jewelers and jewelry customers love it, because this natural sapphire type is rare, beautiful and looks like a diamond. Corundum, included colorless variety, has very high hardness, 9 on Moos hardness scale (diamond is 10). Some jewelers can use it as diamond imitation, but, in our experience, this gem has its own nobility and pride. A ring or a pendant with 3-10 white sapphire could be in the focus of attention even jewelry lovers with great experience. Fine colorless sapphire has very hight evaluation standards, firstly, of clarity, and secondly, of cut. Whether white sapphire is transparent (eye clean or loupe clean), or has visible inclusions and cracks, clarity makes a large difference in appearance and consequently in its value. For all colorless gemstones (not only white, as white sapphire, but they at first) popular diamond cutting forms are generally accepted: round, oval, cushion, princess, heart, step cut, just because precise proportions of diamonds are mostly desired and help to unlock fire and sparkling beauty of a mined crystal. Sometimes, white sapphire could contain a little color presence, that is not enough to define it as colored sapphire variety, so, a sample might be visual perceived as colorless. Typical, slightly hint of bluish, grayish and pinkish is just encouraged, but if a sapphire has a touch of brownish or yellowish, those stone is judged mush more less. Gem Lovers catalog demonstrate just good and fine quality white sapphire samples with high clarity and beautiful cut. We give you full information about each gemstone, including weight, size, origin, photos and video, to help you make a perfect choice. Online store Gem Lovers is an excellent market place to buy precious and semiprecious stones for jewelry design and private collection. Enjoy!