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Any gemstone on our website has a Gemstone Identification Report which is our Garuntee that your gemstone is natural and exactly as described. Gemstones purchased from Gem Lovers International Pvt Ltd will carry a Gemstone Identification report and a certificate from a Leading Gemstone Laboratory in Srilanka (free of charge), once the sale is confirmed.If the customer wishes to have the certificate from a Gemstone Laboratory Before the Purchase of the Gemstone,He/She would have to prepay 10 Percent of the gemstone value in order for us to reserve the gemstone and send it for certification to an independent laboratory in Srilanka.

Most of our Gemstones over USD 10,000 and over in value, may not have a International Certificate as they have been added to our inventory before international certificate was made. It is Mandatory that all Gemstones sold on our Gemlovers International Pvt Ltd have a Gemstone Identification Report and are certified by a leading Gem Laboratory in Sri Lanka.

If you wish to have a International Gemstone Certificate from a leading Laboratory of the world,you need to prepay 10 percent of the total value in order for us to reserve the gemstone and send it to an international Gemstone certification Laboratory of your choice such as:

GIA – Analysis & Grading
GRS – GemResearch Swisslab AG
AGL – American Gemological Laboratories
SSEF – coloured gemstone, diamond and pearl testing and analysis

Once the certificate is ready and open completion of full payment , the Gemstone will be shipped to you.The International certificate cost will be free of charge once the full payment is received.