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Alexandrite is one of the most rare, expensive and desired precious stones in the world. In mineralogical classification alexandrite belong to chrysoberyl mineral. The primary feature of jewel alexandrite is an ability to change its color depending of lighting. This strangeness and optical phenomenon creates great interest. The best precious alexandrite specimens are stones with high clarity, which manifest effect of color change, and main colors are closest to the pure green and red without additional colors. The cost of the best examples can be compared with the cost of diamonds, it is the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per carat.

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Its history counted nearly 200 years. Started at once, alexandrite jewelry fashion lasts up to this day. Name of alexandrite was given in honor of adulthood of future Russian tsur Alexander II. Natural alexandrite in daylight (white lighting) demonstrates greenish shades, and by the light of an incandescent lamp (yellow lighting), its color dramatically changes to reddish. Keep in mind, however, that almost all natural alexandrite specimens, even very expensive, are dark. Major findings of good quality due to its extreme rarity today are of great attractiveness for investment. The most attractive for investiment alexandrites are large size simples with top quality. Main deposits of alexandrite were found on the territory of Brazil, Sri Lanka, India and Tanzania. The strongest color change phenomenon is usually obseved in chrysoberyl samples from Brazil, but good quality alexanderites could be mined in other deposits too. Purchase of an alexandrite in Gem Lovers catalog The main problems of natural alexandrite are darkness in mixed light (when a sample shows change color phenomenon only in pure and bright light), weak alexandrite effect and low clarity in the majority of color change chrysoberyls. In Gem Lovers collection we collect good and top quality alexandrites, surely combined strong color change effect, good cutting (symmetry, polishing, propotions and beautyful «face»), not very dark color palette and weight more than 1 ct. Interesting, that some color change chrysoberyl samples demonstrate extra cat’s eye effect, and samples with both phenomena are hunting purposes of mineral collectors and jewelry lovers. Moreover, top quality alexandrites are extremely rare and could be related to the category of large investments. If you can’t find suited option of alexandrite or if you want something unique, we will help you to find gemstone to order special for you. In summary, Gem Lovers catalog is a brilliant and convenient resource to find an excellent alexandrite and make a successful purchchase.