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5 Colored Gemstones That are Better Than Diamonds

August 18, 2021

Colored Gemstones

The stereotyped phrase states that diamonds are a perfect choice for any occasion. However, they are more often expensive, and their price is overvalued, in fact. These luxury, magnificent and pure “girl’s friends” actually manipulate the female demands that force the jewelry industry to drive up their mining and even production due to the new technologies.

Thus, in the last 60 years, synthetic diamond production has become quite popular in order to eliminate environmental pollution, jeopardize the financing of military activities and minimize the effects on the world jewelry market. Obviously, synthetic diamonds are competing with the natural ones severely due to their color properties and crockness, but clarity needs more improvements, especially when we talk about the most desirable diamonds - white ones.

Nevertheless, the occurrence of the laboratory-produced colorful diamonds could not drop the world prices for such luxury gemstones. That’s why, if you want to purchase a pink or yellow diamond, you should expect the high price required to be paid.


But, who says that diamonds are the must-have gemstones obligatorily set in a sparkly colored engagement ring or necklace? There is a wide range of other colored gemstones enabled to meet your wallet and tastes.

Few Sound Arguments on Colored Diamond-Alternative Gemstones

The jewelry companies offer various products and gems which could substitute not only diamonds but also other jewel stones such as sapphires, ruby, emerald, and so on.


The wallet-friendly gems are less famous among the average customer, but real jewelry lovers might have found out their types, prices, and colors of gemstones. 


Prior to buying ideal jewelry with lovely gems, you may observe interesting stories, blogs, or scientific articles and find the things likely to be interesting for you.

In order to discover the colored gemstones alternatives, you may prioritize the need-list as follows:

  • coloring: it could be your favorite gemstone colors suited to your eyes, style, or other accessories.
  • properties: vivid gems are not only beautiful additions to your evening wear fancy dresses for red carpet events, glamour parties, and other holidays. Gemstones are minerals containing different elements possessing some medical treatment effects;
  • durability: this feature implies the actual quality of any colored gemstones because the gem-cutting and life-long exploitability are directly dependent on the stone hardness abilities;
  • origin: you may support your national or foreign supplier and manufacturers, or follow anti-military and anti-terrorism principles;
  • weight: gems are weighted in carat and it’s your choice: to have a ring with a large gem or few small ones. But remember the rule “more carats - high price”;
  • price: probably it is the most valid criteria, but you always find the gemstone in colors suitable for your savings.

So, below you may familiarize yourself with several colored gemstones ready to move diamonds off the jewelry throne.


  • a mineral truly classified as the colorful gemstone which could be found in a wide range of colors from light pink to dark gray;
  • has strong durability features;
  • highly resistant to physical and chemical influences;
  • this gem is a ruby or sapphire twin because of its most favorite full red and blue colors respectively that make such colored spinels more appreciated;
  • perfect choice for August-born people


  • a gemstone owning rarely beautiful colors which match any outfit;
  • famous with its medical properties;
  • according to the Mohs scale, topaz has 8 points out of 10 proving its hardness;
  • a talisman for people born in November.


  • a fairly rare mineral well-known as mysterious and hypnotic colored gemstone highly appreciated by the collection owners;
  • has a long history and mentioned in many cultures in ancient times;
  • quite a durable gem easily cut embodies gold, pearls, silver, and other pieces of jewelry;
  • this gem is a perfect offer for independent and extraordinary people.


  • this gemstone named after the country where it is mined (i.e., Tanzania) is treated as a tertiary mineral, but remains a rare gem for a customized price;
  • its blue and violet colors make everyone feel its royal value;
  • root doctors from the Far East territories emphasize the treatment properties of tanzanite especially headache treatment and eye de-stressed role;
  • the mining workers who are lucky to find the rare tanzanite gemstone having full blue-to-violet colors could bid too high prices for this gem compared with the other alternative colored ones.


  • shining like a million tiny crystals, the pink morganite attracts the interest of brides and young women;
  • being significantly durable and hardly expensive, this semi-gem has stress-relieving properties and keeps the mental clarity what was investigated by some physician experts;
  • morganite is yielded by the vast majority of the world gem mining companies from Africa and North America, however, Madagascar deposits are considered to be the best material;
  • everyone who wants to own rings or earrings embellished with morganite should carefully choose this gem. The reason is that the largest stone is – the highest radioactive rays are eradicated. To cut or do any actions with the high carat-weighted gemstone is prohibited in open spaces or places with numerous people. The tiny morganite embedded in some necklaces is pretty safe.

Explore more curious details of other colored jewel stones to find your perfect one.

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