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A Buyer’s Guide to Aquamarine Rings

September 1, 2021

A Buyer’s Guide to Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine is one of the most mysterious gems. The very name of the crystal, derived from the Latin expression “seawater”, evokes dreams of the ocean depths, sea battles, wonderful lagoons with transparent water.

And the aquamarine itself fully lives up to its name. Its color — from greenish-blue to blue – really resembles the seawater of southern latitudes. Rings with aquamarine were known both in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire, and in the Indian principalities, where at that time its main deposits were, pendants and bracelets were made.

In England, aquamarine was the patron saint of sailors, helped to win in sea battles, in this country - the mistress of the seas, he even got into the royal crown. And, in general, in medieval Europe, this stone was revered as the patron saint of sailors and travelers. A rare ship captain did not wear an aquamarine ring when going to watch, because he had to help the ship safely reach its destination, avoiding storms and hurricanes.

Then, over time, lenses were made from aquamarine, correcting vision, using the rare transparency and plasticity of the stone. After all, the aquamarine stone lends itself well to cutting. From the times of the Ancient World, precious stones with various carvings have come down to us, kept in the best museums.

Aquamarine rings

Aquamarine rings are the most popular jewelry among jewelry lovers. In addition, the gem is considered a symbol of fidelity, love, and mutual understanding, therefore it is often chosen as an attribute of an engagement or wedding. Wedding jewelry with this mineral looks very delicate and sensual.

Aquamarine rings

Basically, mineral rings are suitable for any occasion. They look very elegant and solemn at the same time.

Today, jewelry with this delicate and graceful stone is very popular among both young people and women of respectable age. Few people are left indifferent by its unusually transparent color and versatility of color shades.

This jewelry will complement your look, and you will look amazing.

Wedding rings with aquamarine

For beloved couples, this stone has a special meaning. According to an old legend, the stone was presented by a mermaid to one of the sailors, therefore it is considered a symbol of devoted and faithful love. A silver ring with aquamarine can be a great addition to a marriage proposal and serve as a wedding ring. Many girls choose rings with this stone as wedding rings – they look very unusual and stylish.

Amazing properties of aquamarine stone

The properties of these stones are also amazing. Naturally mined crystals are very transparent and have a light greenish-blue color, except some Brazilian aquamarines, which have a brighter blue hue. However, when heated, the mineral takes on a more intense hue, and aquamarine also gradually takes on color when it is indoors without access to sunlight.

In addition, the mineral has another amazing feature. When the weather or the mood of the host changes, aquamarine suddenly becomes cloudy, almost dull, and can change color, becoming more greenish.

What kind of stone does it look like?

The name of the stone is translated from Latin as “seawater”. Aquamarine looks like a frozen piece of the sea.

The name “noble beryl” is also applied to the mineral, due to its belonging to this family. The closest relatives of the stone are sapphire, ruby, and emerald.

“The lovely Aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of the summer sea, has charms not to be denied”  — the sage Pliny was the first to describe the mineral. Crystals, which are similar in color to the waters of the ocean, he considered the most valuable in the world.

Physical properties. Although aquamarine is a very hard stone, it is quite fragile. Therefore, you need to treat it with special care.

  • Semi-precious mineral.
  • Consists of many crystals.
  • The stone is not heavy and durable, it looks like glass.
  • The raw mineral is like a hexagon.
  • Starts to darken at high temperatures.
  • It tends to fade in sunlight.
  • At different angles, the stone has different shades.
  • The stone may contain impurities of other substances.
  • Crystals originate in igneous rocks such as granite.

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