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A Buyer’s Guide to Moissanite Rings

September 8, 2021

Moissanite Rings

Gold rings with moissanite are the most demanded category of jewelry purchases. And since they are most often chosen for gifts, their assortment is simply amazing (after all, different women need to be pleased). The absolute clarity and radiance of the moissanite ring are immediately visible thanks to the impressive size of the crystal. To buy such a ring with a diamond, one would have to pay just a cosmic price, and a gold ring with huge moissanite of impeccable quality would be available to everyone.


Moissanite optics allow the crystal to “burn”, illuminating with its brilliance and dazzle. And no one even doubts that this is a real diamond. And only the owners of special accessories can determine that the jewelry insert is moissanite. And then not immediately, but after a whole series of experiments.

The "sparkling forever crystal" (this is another name for moissanite) fits perfectly into the format of rings, so moissanite rings are bought so often that sometimes it seems that there are the fewest of them in the catalog. In fact, the assortment of large moissanite gold rings is quite extensive, and they are usually considered expensive diamonds with excellent characteristics. The owner is left to make a mysterious expression, teasing others with the "fabulous" price of the exclusive jewelry.

Four main characteristics of moissanite

The value of each jewelry insert is measured in certain indicators, which are provided by the Moissanite sellers. This is especially important when buying in bulk, when the lot of precious crystals exceeds tens and hundreds of pieces.

Four main characteristics of moissanite

  • Cut The first characteristic of the crystal, which is given maximum attention. Each artificially created jewelry insert is processed manually, therefore, it acquires the maximum possible light parameters. Every angle and every proportion are precisely calculated, therefore, when purchasing a gold jewel with moissanite, you can not worry about incorrect or incomplete refraction of light rays. It will always be perfect.
  • Color Almost all moissanites are perfectly colorless, but scientists have left a few percent for other exquisite shades. It is rare to find jewelry inserts in yellow, green or gray, and each of them will simply amaze with its exclusivity. Buying such a piece of jewelry is already considered a great success, and if you manage to buy several pieces of jewelry in bulk, then customers experience an unprecedented euphoria. The color characteristics of moissanites can vary significantly.
  • Cleanliness Strict control at the stage of "maturation" of crystals allows you to immediately weed out those of them in which there are even the smallest inclusions. Only the most ideal jewelry inserts are on sale (wholesale and retail), whose purity in the classification of precious stones is listed as "very good". If possible defects cannot be seen at tenfold magnification, then such a stone goes on sale. Other copies are disposed of immediately.
  • Weight measured in carats Due to the specifics of their creation, moissanites will weigh 10% less than their natural counterparts - diamonds. Based on this, jewelers prefer not to use the carat weight determination system, but use the "size" parameter. You can buy moissanite, the dimensions of which are 6.5 mm, and at the same time, its weight will be 0.88 carats. Although, a diamond of the same size will be considered a carat.

How to care for moissanite?

As soon as some time has passed after purchasing jewelry with inserts, it is necessary to diagnose impurity. At the same time, check for mechanical damage on the product. In order to return the stone to its original shine, it is highly advisable not only to choose the easiest method from those offered on the Internet but first to determine the degree of contamination of your crystal, taking into account the existing damage. Best of all, this can be done by a specialist, who will provide all the recommendations necessary for subsequent actions.


If external damage, such as scratches, has been found on the moissanite, the best way to restore is polishing. But as soon as microcracks were found inside the crystal, it was impossible to do without laser processing.


In order for the purity of moissanite to remain at the proper level even after many years of wearing jewelry, it is possible to carry out the procedure of filling microcracks with special glue. It is completely transparent, so this manipulation will practically not affect the light performance of the crystal. But you should know one caveat, when, after such processing, you want to heat the crystal, the glue will immediately darken, which will finally ruin the appearance of moissanite.

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