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A Buyer’s Guide to Morganite Rings & Engagement Rings

August 18, 2021

Buyer’s Guide to Morganite

Morganite is a colored semi-gemstone with underestimated rare and authentic value. As first mentioned in 1910 and before long this vivid gem became popular, however, its current name was devoted only a year later. This gemstone name refers to the family name of the outstanding philanthropist, jewelry collector, and banker in the US – Mr. J.P. Morgan.

However, in the former USSR countries, this jewelry mineral has the nickname “vorobyevite” named after the famous Russian scientist Viktor Vorobiev who was the first to find this type of beryl in the Ural Mountains. In addition to the above-listed aliases, this gem has the other one – amethyst basaltin.

In the XX century there was an attempt to rename this mineral as “pink emerald”, but, fortunately, it did not get accustomed to virtue of its mannerism and snobbish sound in spite of the fact that the gemology determined this name almost correct.

It is not surprising that the morganite color palette varies from light pink to reddish-purple, and, therefore, the true jewelry devotee could definitely admire the morganite-highlighted accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings, and so on. Sometimes the mineral could be found in yellowish or peach tints.

Such natural coloring decisions diversify the morganite jewelry application. The most popular one is to choose this gem set in a white gold band for engagement purposes.

What should you know about morganite?

The natural mineral refers to the beryl subgroup and owns the same physical and chemical properties. Its color shades are caused by the inserts of manganese, iron, lithium, or caesium.

The negative feature of this gemstone is its radioactive abilities. However, if you decide to purchase a pretty ring with a petite gem or a set of teeny morganites slightly colored, you should not be worried about any radioactive irradiation. Only heavily-weighted and brightly-colored gems have the radiation degree exceeding the acceptable norms. The dangerous gems are prohibited to store and process in unsuitable places with numerous visitors. Their transportation requires a special label with the radiation caution adhesive on the relative packages.

Investigating the origin of this eerily beautiful pink beryl, the most famous sites where the biggest and lovely morganites are yielded could be located in the US (CA and UT), Brasilia, and Madagascar island. Also, the morganite-discovered mines are situated in China, Africa, and Afghanistan.

As each gemstone, the morganite is enlisted into the GIA classification and has its own 4C related features, in particular:

  • Color. The smooth color variety of this mineral makes it a perfect jewelry accessory matched to female and male personalities. The dainty light pink color obviously rules the girl’s world and tastes, highlighting the female identity and the romantic feelings. The bright orange or peach colors match the male strength and confidence.
  • Carat weight. The carat criteria are directly proportional to the above-mentioned one. The large stones have more intensive tints and v.v. Moreover, the heavily-weighted gems could have harmful effects on your health and life.
  • Clarity. The faceted morganite rings highlighted with strong colors usually could not be qualified as the extra eye-catching inserts included.
  • Cut. The gemstone hardness and density comply with the identical indicators appropriate for the beryl groups. These features benefit the gem cutting, however, light-colored crystals might be cut a little deep to intensify the color. The correct gem cutting improves the visible effects of your future accessories and reduce the defect risks.

Regardless of the high damage resistance, the morganite rings, for instance, require special treatment and careful wearing. It is very important to respect the following recommendation:

  • the gem should be protected against hits because the accessories could receive scratches and breaks;
  • jewelry shouldn’t contact with the cosmetic applications on your skin;
  • the sunlight deadly influences this mineral and the UV rays impact the progressive loss of the key color tints;
  • the gemstone is not to be affected by sharp temperature differences.

How to distinguish the fake morganite rings?

In spite of the official definition for morganite as semi-gemstone, it is highly valuable and, therefore, the fake samples quite commonly exist. So, the statement that the lack of fraud cases resulted from the low demanded gemstone is wrong. The false-morganite roles are performed by phianite, kunzite, and spinel. Subject to the coloring similarities the morganite alternatives could include pink corundum and quartz as well. In some cases, those minerals are valued much higher, so there is no sense to replace the colored substitutes. The synthetic morganites also exist, but they are produced in rare circumstances and used for jewelry-distinctive spheres. To avoid the risks related to such situations you should buy gems at the reliable stores. For instance, our consultants are quite professional and ready to provide all evidences about the products offered on our website.

the fake morganite rings

Glass and similar materials like crystalline glass could have colors and shapes similar to morganites, however, they would betray themselves by their too low costs. They are teeny structures having noticeable inserts and air bubbles.

Unfortunately, fake stones hardly differ from genuine jewelry stones without special laboratory methods and technologies. To be sure of the origin of your jewelry stones, you may entrust us to help you.

Under the lab-special conditions, the natural gem affected by the X-ray beams transit into a deepened red color. The other way to distinguish the origin of your gem per color criteria is to heat the mineral. The original morganite loses its tints and becomes glassy.

In any case, the overall professional conclusion could be made by the gemology expert using a zoom device and industrial tools. Also, it should be borne in mind that the authentic morganite demonstrates a birefringent effect. This effect is optional for low noticeable capabilities for naked eyes and proves the natural properties of your jewelry purchase.

Nevertheless, if you do not have special knowledge which helps to choose a desirable accessory with the original colored gemstone, you may ask for professional consultation with reliable jewelry distributors.

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