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Gemmy birthstones are charming accessories and helpful amulets which combine a particular composition of various characteristics suitable to someone special. To find your gemstone ideally complied with your temper, emotions, and inner strength is a bit of great luck and a complicated task.

Each gemstone is not only a set of well-processed minerals embedded into a lovely setting but also a unique creature playing a valuable role in its owner’s life. Like the personal name, the birthstones have special meanings, and their correct choice grants the owner several advantages:

  • luxury aesthetic effects when gem shape and color ideally add your image and fit your casual or evening outfit,
  • protective amulet-like abilities which identify the gem owners and assist them due to the invisible properties and powers of this stone,
  • fashionable stuff that emphasizes your personality and harmonizes with your appearance features.

Our managers collect the best representatives of the jewelry birthstones suitable for each month in a year. Attractive shapes, clarity, and highly qualitative precious stones would have a fascinating look on female and male rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.

So, if you are looking for your special birthstone by a particular month, you should know a short story about the primary gemstone colors unique for some period and person.

Birthstone by month

The ancient stories and manuscripts which return us to the distant Biblical times tell us the mythological ties between the gemstones and the months. The month-identified period creates 12 unique jewelry amulets that retain a particular meaning for people who want to fit their gems.

The twelve gems symbolize the complete circle. Each element of such a circle represents the unbelievable powers and benefits for both the separated month birth person and the collector of the entire jewelry treasures. So, let’s find out what birthstone belongs to the summer or winter months and whether their colors matter when a person is looking for their talisman.

January. The first month of the year requires the complete update of your mental orientations, design stuff, and, of course, the accessories to make you happy and positive in a new period of your life. It is essential if you were born in the middle of winter. Perhaps, it is not surprising that the garnet gem family protects January. Rich reddish and flame-colored granular minerals seem like the drops of blood on the snowy outside. They also symbolize love, passion, and solid emotional affairs leading to the pre-Valentine period.

February. The last winter month announces the cold period is finished, and Sir St. Valentine wants to cheer the lovers with festive romantic vibes. With its purple shades, amethyst perfectly identifies the royal origin of the February celebrants and the Venus followers.

March. The first spring days colored in notes of blue sky and first flowers are ideally associated with aquamarine. Its calm coloring and transparent clarity refer to the persons born in March. Easy-going and trustful, March-born always raise the good emotions and disposition of others.

April. The blossom month is colorful and playful in different shades. Everyone loves April and diamonds, indeed. Each jewelry valuer would highly appreciate elegant and magnificent girl-preferred specimens of this beautiful birthstone.

May. The spring end visualizes grassy fields and flower-brimming gardens – genuine emeralds. These vivid greenish gems help the May-born touch the heart of the spring and its gifts like love, happiness, and endless hope for a better future life.

June. Summer begins unexpectedly and gives many joyful moments.  In June, those who celebrate their birthdays are also positive and target-oriented people who know what to do to attain the intended goals. To support such people, June selected pearls and alexandrites empowered with two polar qualities – tenderness and passion – emphasizing deepened desires.

July. The depth of summer is juicy and sunny with entire colors of nature like a ruby. This July birthstone is not only red but could have some other shades and dyeing inclusions. It symbolizes the epic love story and enhances this feeling for its owners.

August. The eighth month of the year highlights the powers of peridots and hessonites. The relaxing olivine color with significant clarity qualities makes these birthstones desirable among all lovers of gemmy luxury accessories. Their eye-catching profound orange shades with perfect cutting shapes allure the jewelry devotees to diversify their collection of treasury minerals.

September. The fall starts charmingly and calmly. It seems life follows the royalty rules. The September representatives also realize the taste of luxury living, and if they choose sapphires, they could evaluate the cold coloring of this fascinating gemstone.

October. This month is unexpected and extraordinary with some mystery spices due to the Halloween holidays. Tourmalines or opals are something you want to receive as amulets or birthstones. Their coloring is magnetic and memorable for everyone who admires the fall magical energy.

November. The last month of fall characterizes a bit of depressive and melancholic weather conditions. So, we want to keep the sun lights for an extended period. In this case, topaz or citrine would be good friends who highlight your routines with happiness and joy. They also focus the November celebrants on ambitious plans and glorious welfare.

December. Christmas and New Year holidays with decorated trees and houses shine brightly and hope for the glory days. Tanzanite, zircon, or turquoise resembling the festive mood coloring are the best options for holiday presents. And if your giftee celebrates their birthdays in December, the respective jewelry could become the powerful talisman and helpful adviser in decisive moments.

Choose your best jewelry stone to find your tangible keeper, protector, and master who makes your dreams turn into reality.

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