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Demantoid – a special variety of garnets

August 17, 2021


The symbol of luxury of tsarist Russia, the favorite of Carl Faberge, the most expensive garnet is demantoid. The crown of many exquisite collections of jewelry of noblemen of the late 19th century was this exclusive stone. Rare in its deposits, unique in its form, expensive in value. Undoubtedly, these qualities are attractive. However, demantoid’s color-rich green, like a young grass just breaking through, with a sunny rainbow of shades on the edges, gives demantoid its exquisite charm that conquers the hearts of many wealthy people of the world.

In this article, you will learn in detail about what demantoid is, and so what exactly makes this type of garnet group, the andradite mineral, one of the most popular today. Our article will help you understand the main advantages of the stone because of which it is widely known. If you are interested in this type of garnet, then you can always find samples of the highest quality in the catalog of our website. Gem Lovers will also be happy to help you find an exemplar that suits your specific needs.

Why is demantoid garnet rare?

Of course, the main advantage of this stone is its color. The bright green color of the stone is caused by impurities of chromium and iron. In nature, it also occurs in bluish-green, marsh green, brownish-green, emerald green, and yellowish-green hues. The yellow color is due to titanium impurities. At the same time, the intensity of the color varies from a pale shade to a saturated one.

demantoid garnet

Other features of demantoid garnets include the following:

  • The precious demantoid plays with all the colors of the rainbow and literally mesmerizes with its magnificence. Such strong flashes of light are due to the very high dispersion of demantoid (0.057), which is higher than that of diamond (0.042). Hence, the name of the subspecies is consonant with diamond (“diamant” in German “diamond”, and “eidos” from Greek means “similar”).
  • Today, demantoid is much less well known due to its rarity. It is rarely found in sizes over three carats, and small calibrated demantoids are extremely rare. A high-quality, bright exemplar that rivals an emerald in price.

Demantoid is mined all over the world. Deposits of this stone have been discovered in Namibia, Pakistan, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Italy. However, the found minerals cannot be compared in quality with those mined in Russia in the Middle Urals. You can find high-quality samples only at this point on the planet because most have cracks and chips inside their structure.

Demantoids characteristics

  • Luster: glassy to diamond
  • Birefringence: none
  • Dispersion: 0,057
  • Density: 3.84 (± 0.03) g / cm3
  • Refractive index: 1.888 (+0.007, -0.033)
  • Hardness: 6.5-7
  • Chemical formula: Ca3Fe2 (SiO4) 3

We hope that our article has helped to reveal the secret of this majestic stone. Pay attention to the stones that are presented in our catalog. If you did not find the demantoid garnet for a specific request in the catalog, we suggest using the service of selecting a stone to order. To do this, send the desired characteristics: weight, cut, color. With the selected garnets from the Gem Lovers jewelers, you can order a unique piece of jewelry according to your taste.

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