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Demantoid in rings: how to choose a piece of jewelry?

August 14, 2021

Demantoid in rings

When choosing a ring with green demantoid garnet, it is worth considering the following essential factors so that the jewelry will delight you with its beauty and sophistication for many years:

  • Frame
  • Cut
  • Size

Demantoid is a gem that is rarely found in jewelry. Nevertheless, exclusive earrings, bracelets, brooches are created with it, and rings with demantoid are considered the pinnacle of perfection. They emphasize the consistency of their owner, her femininity, elegance, and excellent taste.

If you are lucky and your jewelry collection will soon have such a piece of jewelry, then it is important to know how to choose the right one, such as a ring with a demantoid. And if you just decided to make a purchase, then it will not be superfluous to have information on how to wear and care for it correctly.

In this article, you will learn about the most necessary information to help you make the right purchase. Use our helpful recommendations, and you will certainly not be mistaken in your choice, having received a worthy piece of jewelry with demantoid. And at the end of the article, you will find useful tips that will allow you to preserve forever the unique shine of your jewelry in its original form.

What factors to consider when choosing demantoid rings?

As we have already said, when choosing demantoid jewelry as a ring, it is important to pay attention to the setting, cut, and size of the product. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Frame. As mentioned above, green demantoid garnet is a precious stone, and therefore, the best frame is gold or platinum. Silver items are rarely found, although this metal is quite suitable for this mineral. The frame in the ring can take on different shapes. It can be smooth lines, openwork patterns, filigree, and other unpretentious lace.
  • Cut. As for the cut of demantoid jewelry, the gem is often cut with a brilliant cut. It allows you to fully reveal the magnificent play of light and the brilliance of the demantoid. Sometimes a flat step cut is used. Most often, the size of the stone does not exceed 1 centimeter. Which cut to give preference to is a personal choice. However, if the work of the jeweler is done with high quality and accuracy, then you will not feel the difference. Symmetrical edges, smooth transitions, the absence of chips and scratches are indicators of the excellent work of the master.
  • Size. How correctly you choose the size of the ring with green demantoid garnet will determine whether you will wear it with pleasure, how comfortable you will feel with it, and how long it will delight you. If you make a mistake when choosing the size, it can cause some discomfort. Too small will press and squeeze the finger, and this threatens not only inconvenience when wearing but also health problems since the product will pinch the vessels. And too big will simply fall off and it is quite possible that at some holiday at the end of the evening you will not find it on your hand at all. Feel free to try on the jewelry. Keep in mind that the fingers swell a little, slight increase in volume by the end of the day. But also do not try to take a smaller size.

How to care for demantoid jewelry

demantoid jewelry

Of course, such a rare and beautiful gem as demantoid needs proper handling – care, and storage:

  • the ring should be stored separately from other stones, and it is better if it is a soft cloth bag;
  • be sure to remove the product during cleaning - it should not come into contact with aggressive chemicals;
  • do not leave the accessory in open sunlight, especially for a long time;
  • the ring should be cleaned in an ordinary mild soapy solution with a soft cloth.

Green demantoid garnet is a rare mineral with a high price, so it is worth choosing the right jewelry with this stone. Use our recommendations, and you will surely get what you want. And if you decide to purchase a stone in our store, you can be sure of its authenticity. In addition, our jewelers will make any piece of jewelry with this gem for you.


What is demantoid used for?

Green demantoid garnet is used to create incredible jewelry. The striking rich color of the stones is associated with spring and makes the image soft and undisturbed.

What demantoid jewelry to choose?

Demantoid jewelry includes the following products:

Is demantoid garnet valuable?

Even though new sources of demantoid garnet have been discovered since the 1990s, it remains very valuable. Prices range from $ 500 per carat for good colors with some inclusions to $ 2,000-7,000 for clean larger stones with better color.

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