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Different Shapes of Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

August 25, 2021

Shapes of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is a rare variety of corundum, comparable in cost to diamond, and is thought to be a gemstone. Currently, sapphires of various colors are among the most sought-after and popular types of gemstones.

High-quality transparent varieties of these minerals are processed using different types of cuts, depending on the quality of the starting material. Modern design solutions have forced jewelers to look for new ways to give the natural forms of stones to all the familiar beautiful, original, or classic cuts. When choosing processing methods, jewelers most often choose an oval - this is the option that best reveals all the properties of color, depth, and purity of this stone.

The high-quality processing enhances the natural radiance of the sapphіre. The type of cut affects the cost of sapphіre jewelry. For such rare stones in good gem quality, the principle of maximum preservation of the mass of raw materials is applied. The most common cuts are:

  • oval cut;
  • cushion cut.

Shapes such as octagon (radiant or step cut) are less common. It is almost impossible to notice a yellow sapphire in such shapes as:

  • pear, which is very popular in modern jewelry art;
  • marquise, named after the Marquise de Pompadour, favorite of King Louis XV;
  • heart.

These are single stones on the market.

History and popularity of yellow sapphires

“Sapphirus” is the name of a gemstone, more precisely – sapphire, translated from Latin means “blue”. Bluestones are the most expensive. In ancient times, it was believed that a rich blue-colored mіneral is a sapphіre, but scientists quickly corrected these ideas: not every blue stone is sapphire, and not every sapphire is blue. Other varieties can be found in nature: yellow, pink, or white, as well as a green shade of the mіneral. Such a variety of shades, as well as the properties of sapphіre, have shaped its popularity in the jewelry industry.

History and popularity of yellow sapphires

The Indian people give these stones a special mission. The name of the stone in Hindi is “pukhraj”. Sometimes Indians also use topaz or citrine as a mineral with yellow tints. They prefer yellow specimens, giving them a special role in the culture and Vedic literature of the country. Yellow gems symbolize light, warmth, and wealth. High-quality yellow sapphіres are rare. Due to their uniqueness, yellow sapphіres with excellent clarity and color characteristics are classified as rare and expensive natural minerals. What cut is found among yellow sapphіres?


The best yellow sapphіre is considered to be a pure stone of deep golden yellow color without impurities and shades of other tones. The dye can vary from lemon to amber; the gem’s color is often heterogeneous, with overflows and stripes of a darker shade. Some specimens are so faintly colored that they can be classified as colorless. The average size of mined mіnerals does not exceed 8-10 carats. The deposits are located in Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. Extraction of a stone of especially bright “fantasy” colors is carried out in Ceylon. By the way, yellow sapphіres, like other stones of a sunny shade, are perfectly combining in jewelry with yellow gold.


Sapphire is a true royal stone associated with power and wealth. In ancient times, it was believed that sapphire harbors the power of the sky and helps to make fair decisions. The gem has always been considered an attribute of the aristocracy and powerful rulers.

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