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Earrings with tanzanite: types and styles

August 15, 2021

Earrings with tanzanite

Earrings are one of the most favorite jewelry today, which are worn with pleasure not only by women but also by men. They can emphasize the image, and also the complexion, eyes, as well as complement the style or even mood. Undoubtedly, among all the variety of earring models, earrings with tanzanite, which have a unique and magical beauty, occupy a special place. They can really become the main accent in the image and help to attract all attention to the owner of tanzanite jewelry.

In this article, you will find out the most famous styles of this piece of jewelry with tanzanite, which are currently used by many famous jewelry houses. We will also share with you important information that should be taken into account when making jewelry with this stone. With the help of our tips and fine recommendations, you can get a product that shows the stone most favorably, revealing all its advantages and hiding its disadvantages. Earrings with this wonderful gem can become a truly iconic piece of jewelry in your collection.

Popular styles of earrings with tanzanite

It cannot be said that today, at the peak of popularity, some individual models of earrings are. All of them are designed for various events and are intended for unusual cases. Nevertheless, of course, there are the most common models of such products, decorated with tanzanite:

styles of earrings with tanzanite

  • Studs are timeless classics that will never go out of style. They are firmly attached to the lobe and are often made in gold or silver. The stone can be both large and small. It is a versatile piece of jewelry that will go well with any event.
  • Congo is a stylish accessory encrusted with either one large tanzanite or a small gemstone. Such models give a woman sensuality, femininity, tenderness. They emphasize the bend of the neck especially beautifully and are designed for evening out celebrations, a meeting at a restaurant, a romantic date.
  • Broach earrings with tanzanite. Such products do not contain a lock. They are inserted into the earlobe and extended. At the other end of the piece, there is one small stone, usually made in the form of a circle or oval.

Of course, the models of earrings with tanzanite are not limited to this. There are also chandelier earrings, medallions in ethnic style, cuffs, or climbers. All these models look more solemn, inlaid not only with tanzanite, but also with other stones and, rather, are suitable for lavish events than for everyday wear.

Combinations of tanzanite with metals, stones

Tanzanite is self-sufficient, not a single name can compete with it. Other minerals in products are used only to accentuate their deep color. Blue gems look good in combination with contrasting colors. If you want to combine them with other decorations, pay attention to the options with

  • emeralds,
  • citrines,
  • amethysts.

Diamonds can also become worthy neighbors of tanzanite. They will emphasize the splendor of the blue crystal, make it even more spectacular and brighter. Despite the high cost and value, diamonds in tandem with tanzanite will play a secondary role, becoming for it only a brilliant and very expensive frame.

Earrings with tanzanite are often framed in a light frame: silver, white gold, platinum. This is due to the deep blue tint of the stone, which favorably emphasizes the whiteness of the metal. The setting of pink or yellow gold, as well as blackened silver, is not excluded at all.

How to care for tanzanite jewelry?

There are general recommendations, the implementation of which will allow you to preserve the original beauty of products with this beautiful stone:

  • jewelry with a stone should be stored separately from each other, for which each is put in a velvety bag and a separate box,
  • only warm water and non-abrasive detergents are used to clean the mineral,
  • products with a stone should be removed before taking water procedures,
  • protect the stone from exposure to steam, chemicals, ultrasonic waves.

The gem must not only be carefully stored but also worn. Scratches, bumps, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will negatively affect the appearance of the stone and the decoration in general.

Tanzanite can make any piece of jewelry worthy of the envy of others, and earrings are one of them. The recommendations described above will help any woman and even man to look advantageous with this piece of jewelry. If you desire, Gem Lovers can not only provide you with high-quality genuine tanzanite but also create earrings with this stone for you. Just contact us.

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