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Basic information on gemstones

Buying jewelry is always somehow a nervous task. Indeed, as most jewelry is significant spending, everyone wants to be sure they spend their money on something real and worthy and not just a glass stone. Another common problem jewelry buyers face is jewelry treatment. Precious stones require some treatment with time to preserve their fantastic look. So, two questions might pop into your mind: how to find real gemstones and how to clean raw gemstones?

Some people are not interested in purchasing a ready-made ring and want their specific design and faceting. But of course, gem faceting is only done by a professional jeweler. Yet, the customers still have to specify what faceting they want. That’s why they often ask Google how to cut gemstones as if it will give them the answer they want to hear. But anyway, there is nothing ridiculous in wondering about these questions. These are the basic things you should know before going to a jewelry store.

Knowing these things will help you define what you want to find there and be confident in your desires.
Gemstones features
Briefly, we will try to clear up all the things you might be confused with. This shortlist of all the necessary info is something you want to check out before going shopping at the nearest jewelry store or online store. How to find high-quality gemstones? There are three main points you should consider when choosing your jewelry stones. Color features. Each precious stone’s color is evaluated by the following three criteria:
Saturation means how light and bright your gem is. Some gemstones have a very light, pure color; others, on the contrary, possess a very deep and even dark one. Hue is also a crucial point, as each colored gem has some amount of additional hues. For instance, blue sapphires can be more greenish or purplish. The tone is the final aspect. You see, each color can slightly vary. For example, there’s pale blue or bright blue, yet still, these colors are of the same shade.

Clearness. This is quite easy. Each gemstone can be completely opaque or almost transparent as glass, just colored. There are distinguished three levels of diamond clarity: transparent, translucent, and opaque.

Damages. Last but not least, this point is worth mentioning. You see, each gem has small scratches on its surface. That is normal. But most of these damages are almost unnoticeable to our eyes.

How to find a perfect cut for your gemstones? There are no specific shapes for each stone. All these facets are quite universal. So, facets for yellow sapphire will suit the ruby stone. Basic shapes are:


How to clean raw gemstones? Surprisingly many people are unaware that they have to wash their jewelry at least once every couple of years. The universal way to clean up your stones is to soak them for around an hour in warm soap water. After that, gently wipe the stone with a soft microfiber rag, which is quite advantageous.

All in all, now you are fully aware of the jewelry matter. Therefore, you can choose the gem you like without being afraid of getting a fake one.


Can gemstones be washed?

Of course, precious stones can be washed. The most popular way is to let them soak in warm soapy water. However, not all gemstones can be cleaned in this way.

How do you polish raw crystals?

To make your stones look shiny, soak a piece of rag with vinegar and wipe the gems gently. But to have a long-lasting effect, you better take your stone to a jeweler.

How do you know if a gemstone is real?

A simple way to check out whether your gemstone is fake is to draw a line with it on white paper. Real gemstones don’t leave any trace.

Which gemstone cut is most expensive?

The most expensive facet is Round Brilliant. This is the traditional cut of diamonds, which makes them shine as bright as possible

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