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June 23, 2021


If you share our passion for gemstones

In general, offer of high quality individual semi-precious and precious stones in the market is very limited.

Therefore, it is often difficult for a buyer, even with a strong desire, to quickly find a necessary sample. The company Gem Lovers provides gemstone selection services. We carry out the strictest selection of stones for internal defects, color distribution, cracks and the presence of chips. The stones found by Gem Lovers deserve to occupy a central part of a complex jewelry made with considerable artistic flair.


If you are looking a gemstone for jewelry, we will help in understanding all their rich diversity and select the options that fit your criteria (of a certain color and shade / hardness / shape / color change or with an incredible dispersion – color flashes). If necessary, we will perform the recutting of the stone to get as close as possible to your wishes.

gemstones for jewelry


If you have a gemstone or you want to make a set of jewelry, we will undertake to search gemstones of the same size and shape.

This is something that jewelers do not like to do, but it gives us real pleasure!



For an admirer it is naturally to desire of possession of unique specimens, rare and valuable. If you know your way around the world of gems and want to pamper yourself to a unique gemstone, for example, large and clean grandidierite, 2-carat neon cobalt blue spinel, beautiful benitoite, knowing that particular nothing can compete with it, we definitely can help you in finding these rare treasures of the Earth. We invite you in our office, we definitely have common themes to talk.

gemstones for collector


Precious stones as property possess an ability to preserve and increase your capital. Among the variety of gems there are gemstones with certain characteristics that have the greatest investment potential. Generally, these are the largest, brightest, cleanest specimens. If you are interested in investment stones, take a look at a separate project of our founder —



Introduction and formulation of requests

At the first dialogue our experts will help you to orient in all varieties of gemstones and offer types of stones of certain deposits, possible colors and optical phenomenons which are most suitable under your criteria.
We prompt the correct size and optimal cut for your desired stone for a future jewelry.

Prediction of cost and terms of gemstone selection

After you have decided on a type of stone and its characteristics, we can give realistic prediction of a cost of such stone and a time period of search and selection for you.
In the case of stones up to $ 3000 USD, we begin to work on your order without prepayment, and the final decision on a purchase you can take after you will see the stone live.
If an expected price of a lot is more than $ 3000, we are obliged to conclude a contract in which we designate fixed terms, and after making 50% prepayment we begin a search for a gemstone.
For stones worth more than $ 10,000 search terms are discussed individually (payment, country of transaction, etc.).

Search and selection

We will select the options that meet your needs and provide comprehensive photos and videos of gemstones in different lighting conditions, as well as a full description and the final price.

Meeting a stone

You or your representative can see a gemstone in our showroom. If you live in another city, the stone will be delivered by courier service. All shipments are insured.
We must warn you that stones found on individual request, after purchase are non-refundable.


You can order certificate for a gemstone from any Gemological laboratory in the world. The cost and terms of production of a certificate depend on the laboratory chosen by you.

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