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Buying expensive jewelry with precious stones is always an exciting thing to do. Be it for some special occasion, like a wedding or birthday, it is still a nervous task because gemstone jewelry is way more expensive than bijouterie. Besides, jewelry with gemstones is always bought for special occasions, so people are worried about the quality and appearance of their present. 

This kind of shopping can be especially frightening for those who have never encountered precious stones before. That’s why they often stick to Google to find the essential information. But they usually get confused, as they don’t know the basics of it. Before going to the jewelry store, it is always a good thing to do some research. 

Therefore, you should know about the value concept and what can be considered fake stone. Besides, jewelry with gemstones can be a great accessory to your everyday look. However, many people are concerned about this matter, as wearing precious stones on an everyday basis is considered inappropriate. Indeed, ruby jewelry, for instance, can be an excellent addition to your style

All about the gems

Of course, gems are the main stars of any jewelry, be it a ring or a necklace. Yet, surprisingly, there are a lot of questions about them, and people often get confused. So, let’s clear this up. 

Value of the gems. Commonly, gemstones are divided into two groups: precious and semi-precious. Precious stones like emeralds, diamonds, rubies, etc., are usually defined by their high level of hardness according to the Mohs scale. Usually, they have seven and more rates. Also, the rarity matters too. Jewelry with precious gemstones is more expensive due to their rare occurrences. 

Semi-precious gemstones are still used in jewelry making, but they are comparatively less valuable in their features. They usually have a low hardness level and occur in nature much more often, for instance, lapis lazuli, garnet.

Occurrence. Gemstones for jewelry making are found in different places. But generally, there are deposits in each country, though they might be relatively small. For example, rubies are found in Russia, Europe, the USA. But the biggest deposits are in South Asia.

Fake or real. The biggest fear of every customer is to be deceived and get a fake gemstone. But, there are different types of stone, which usually confuse the buyers. So, what are they?

  • Natural. Jewelry making implies certain manipulations for each gemstone. Natural gems are those stones that hadn’t had any type of treatment done to them. The only exceptions are cutting and polishing. 
  • Treated. Unlike natural or raw stones, treated gems have undergone certain treatments required by any gem; this means that your gem was probably heated, cut, polished, and done several more manipulations to enhance its appearance. But it is still a precious stone that occurred in nature.
  • Synthetic. People are fiercely avoiding jewelry with synthetic gemstones, considering them to be fake. Yes, such stones were not made by mother nature but by professional chemists and gemologists. Yet still, they don’t differ from natural stones in any of their features. They have the same chemical formula and appearance. 
  • Imitation. These are those gems that can be rightfully considered as fake. Yes, indeed, these imitate the appearance of natural stones, but their formula is completely different. Therefore, they are very fragile and prone to any sort of damage. 

All in all, now you know everything you have to know about gemstones jewelry. Therefore, there is a big chance you will get the exact accessory you always dreamed of. If you are wondering where you can find top-quality jewelry, check out our catalog!


  • What are the 7 precious gemstones?

Precious gemstones are considered to be: diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, alexandrite, euclase, and aquamarine.

  • What is the most expensive gem?

The most expensive gemstones are diamonds of any color. But an especially rare Blue diamond is regarded as the most expensive stone out of all.

  • Which is the cheapest gemstone?

Topaz is considered to be the cheapest stone. The low price is conditioned with its quite common occurrence in nature.  

  • Why white topaz is so cheap?

Topaz is overall regarded to be the cheapest stone. And white topaz has the least price because it’s the most common color of this stone.

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