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Gemstones Meaning
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At all times, precious stones were appreciated not just for their appearance, but also for the magical features they were believed to have. Indeed, magic took a significant place in the life of our ancestors. In their magical rituals, they used not only certain herbs but gemstones as well. Each gemstone was believed to have certain meanings, like giving prosperity, health, or wealth. Speaking about today, though, people are more skeptical of the magical gemstone feature but they are still very interested in it – at least as a way to make their presence more personalized and put some additional meaning there. Presenting gemstone jewelry as a gift is an exciting thing to do, especially on special occasions. Indeed, jewelry is not the type of present that you give on an everyday basis. And though there’s no scientific proof of the spiritual meaning of gemstones, people still believe in it. Mostly, they use it as a mascot of luck when they need some additional reassurance. Yet, they might not necessarily be into magic and spirituality. Anyway, if your beloved one is interested in magical things, giving them a present with some spiritual meaning will show that you genuinely care about them. So, what are these meanings?

Magical properties of gems

Let’s find out what stands behind that shiny exterior of our lovely gems. So, you will have a choice, and moreover, you will be sure you can afford them. 

Diamond is not only considered to be one of the most expensive gemstones in the world but also has a specific meaning. Diamond stones are expected to save you from the evil eye, bad thoughts, and ill-wishers. Warriors of the past thought that a diamond is a warrior’s stone that can protect from death in battle.

Ruby is another valuable gem, occurring from the mineral corundum like sapphire. Yet, the meaning of ruby gemstones is slightly different from their brother stone’s one. The sense is related to the color of this gem — red, and thus, ruby jewelry will bring peace and love to your marriage and relationships. Also, these stones were used as mascots by people who had dangerous work, saving them from traumas.

Sapphire. The intense blue shade is the symbol of this gemstone. Jewelry with sapphires was often used by people of art. Among other gemstones and their meanings, sapphire was a gem of art, bringing inspiration to the artists, writers, and singers. The energy of this stone gave them the possibility to create masterpieces. It also helps to fight some problems with memory. It is believed that the deeper the color, the more powerful it is. In the East, people think this stone to help a woman get pregnant. That’s why it is one of the best options for the engagement ring.

Emerald is a precious stone of a beryl group. Its green color has lured humans since Antiquity, as green is generally seen as a positive hue. When it comes to emerald gemstones and their meanings, it is considered that the stone improves mental health. It soothes you, reduces stress, and even helps to overcome panic attacks. 

Topaz is known as a symbol of eternal youthfulness. Indeed, it may not be the most precious and sparse gemstone, yet its meanings are no less pleasant. Also, it cures the disease of the digestive tract and open cuts, and it improves your memory. 

Amethyst was famous for its magical properties for quite a long time; this is one of the most popular stones in ancient rituals. The meaning of these gemstones is simple: it soothes a person. But not in a way the emerald does. Amethyst quiets all the bad desires and evil in you. It also helps to prevent adultery. So, this is another great choice for an engagement ring.

On the whole, you see now that these precious stones are not only beautiful things to put into a ring. For years, they passed for an additional magic mascot. Now, you can not only make your present enjoyable but actually beneficial in some way. Your soulmate will appreciate your care. To choose the most beautiful magical jewelry, you can visit our store


  • What do gemstones symbolize?

Each gemstone has its own meaning. But generally, we can distinguish several most common spheres gemstones are believed to affect, like wealth, health, love, work, and intellect. 

  • Which gemstone is more powerful?

It depends on the sphere. For instance, ruby is the most powerful gemstone of love, and sapphire is impactful for your inspiration.

  • What gemstone symbolizes life?

Ruby is also known to be the symbol of love. The meaning was given because of its red color, which is the same as our blood.

  • What stone is bad luck?

It really depends on your birthdate or zodiac, or whatever typology you choose. Therefore, if you are a Virgo, a diamond is not a great choice.

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