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Gemstones Properties
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Suppose you think that gemstones are colorful, charming stones that should perfectly emphasize your special appearance or fit your evening apparel. In that case, you probably have shared knowledge about these tricky jewelry minerals. The genuine gems have significant 4C qualities like natural coloring, high clarity, excellent carat-weighted criteria, and considerable hardness characteristic for various cutting shapes. The correctly-selected gems could have beneficial effects for the owners, including:

  • helpful remedy abilities to treat your body and improve the functionality of the inner organs and systems,
  • great and invisible eclectic energy source to heal your emotional and spiritual pains and troubles.

So, suppose you wish to be free from your physical and mental problems without the exhausted pharmaceutical and psychological procedures. In that case, you should pay attention to the jewelry stones, which enhance medical treatment effects and give you the desirable calm and happiness. However, before you decide to buy some cheerful specimen, follow some recommendations:

  • Do not adjust your decision on the gemstone price or appearance features.
  • Try to indicate your gem because only the personal gem could choose their protectee.
  • Trust the individual gemstone properties presented by our consultants to simplify the searching procedure and select the correct option.
  • Do believe in the healing and metaphysical properties of your gemstones, and they will share their powers to strengthen your vital forces.

Healing properties of gemstones

When you open the catalog of a jewelry shop and search for the most powerful agents to enhance your remedial process, you may wonder what gemstone properties are the best to treat dermatological or alimentary system problems. Despite many different gemmy specimens, you should be calm and entrust almost all gemstones you might discover in our well-prepared list. However, we would like to offer you some of the most popular medical helpers by the healing areas in the treasury mineral world:

  • Healing of the autoimmune system. Suppose you suffer from the seasonal cold and flues, are exhausted from permanent allergic reactions, have some tumor-rehabilitation procedures, or feel health complications after the post-coronavirus ailment. In that case, you need to supplement your treatment prescription with individual healing minerals like ambers, pearls, corals, lazurites, sapphires, and zircons.
  • Healing of the dermatological problems. The problems with the skin and its anatomical structure are complicated to remove at all. So, the well-chosen crystals or stones increase the medicine effects and boost the healing process. Ambers, lazurites, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls are famous physicians in dermatology, among the other gemstones.
  • Healing of the alimentary dysfunctions. The most potent gemstone properties that enable them to heal the stomach and other food processing organs are concentrated in aquamarines, topazes, and amethysts
  • Healing of the locomotion system. The difficulties which restrict your motions are too exhausted and ruin all your plans and everyday living. However, the healing process is pretty effective if you wear accessories embedded with sapphires, ambers, moonstones, nephritis, or topazes.
  • Comprehensive organism healing effects. People could be affected by different diseases and harmful agents that negatively impact their blood circulation, reproduction functions, and other vital organs. So, if you choose rubies, moonstones, beryls, or amethysts, you could ensure a positive reaction on your entire living activities.

Metaphysical properties of gemstones

The metaphysical or spiritual healing properties of gemstones are not completely explored, but there are many cases when they help their owners to eliminate the emotional hurts, heartbroken syndrome, and different invisible impacts which are a part of our life. Everyone wants to love and be loved, find their passion for occupation, go places, and discover longevity. In this case, the appropriate gemstone chosen, like birthstones, amulets, or talisman, could change your life and turn it in the right direction with many favorable variations.


Metaphysical properties of genuine gemstones Spiritual content of semi-gemstones
Rubies are a source of passion and natural love elixir. Topazes are associated with the fountain of youth and symbolize the powerful beloved protecting forces.
Sapphires inspire artists, designers, and scientists – everyone who deals with creativity. Esoteric specialists qualify amethysts as the peaceful element which harmonizes the emotional turbulence.
Emeralds concentrate your energetic channels and balance your emotional state. Citrines attract material welfare and prosperity in all spheres of life.
Diamonds are multifunctional jewel stones that highlight ladies’ youth and freshness and encourage gentlemen for their heroic actions. Garnet stones resemble rubies; they increase in love and passion, strengthening the affair flame between couples.
Alexandrites are mysterious and help to show hidden skills and talents.  Peridots are friends of endless luck. They also protect against any troubles and adverse effects.

The metaphysical qualities of gemstones are not exhausted, and you may find them in any stone which chooses you as its owner and master.

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