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Jewelry on demand

June 23, 2021

Jewelry on demand

Start with the main

The basis of each jewelry masterpiece is set by the main gemstone, and in the case of massive jewelry – a carefully calibrated set of stones. We do not expect that the wine from medium-quality grapes will be good. The same principle holds true for jewelry. Rich package, a beautiful story and a famous name cannot add value to such a product in eyes of understanding persons.

The core competency of Gem Lovers company is knowledge and experience in search, cutting and evaluation of precious and semi-precious stones. Our gemologists carefully select all lots in our collection and confirm high characteristics and aesthetic value. According to your desire, certificates from the best gemological laboratories in the world can be issued for all stones of a future jewelry.


Custom-made jewelry demonstrates a quality of life and a level of understanding of the gem and jewelry world by its owner. Creating a ring, a pendant for yourself, you get immeasurably more than when buying a finished product from a jewelry brand.
A unique jewelry, made according to the taste of the owner, is a unique gift that will undeniably demonstrate the depth of feelings. The time-tested family union will get an exciting experience of joint creation of family jewels.

Gemstones Jewelry

Designing of jewelry in collaboration with our artist and designer, you are not constrained by the opinions of others and are not tied to a particular stone. Create an uncompromising design based on your own vision and enjoy a truly unique jewelry that embodies your personal understanding of beauty. Guide the artist in the wake of your preferences – you are a full-fledged author of future jewelry.

A team of skilled narrow-profile jewellers from year to year demonstrates the high quality of workmanship, sometimes inaccessible even for brands with big names

Gemstone ring


Things created by a limited edition are more valued. Combining rarity of a stone with a unique design, you get a truly valuable piece of jewelry that carries a piece of family history.
Private jeweler will open you beauty of the world of gems and jewelry, warn against incorrect decisions and teach you to understand the nuances of jewelry art.
Your communication may take place in messangers or in e-mails.

gemstones jewelry


In addition to price of a central stone, the final cost of the product consists of others components – the shape and diameter of the melee diamonds, type of setting, the gold content, the complexity of the work, the design of the internal parts of the jewelry.

The combination of these factors allows you to change the value of the future product in both smaller and larger directions. Sometimes options that are close in appearance may differ significantly in cost, therefore, already at the stage of the first sketchescoordinating, we predict the cost of jewelry within each concept.

Over the years, our company has developed direct ties with stone suppliers. Together with the lack of inflated advertising budgets and the need to pay for image salons on the first lines, this allows us to offer prices that are beneficial differ from jewelry brands. However, in the case of budget-run “noname” products offered by large chain stores, cost comparisons will be incorrect, as even small batch productionof jewelry loses in uniqueness and allows you to divide the cost of preparatory stages on the entire production.

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