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June’s Birthstone is Alexandrite

November 3, 2021

June's Birthstone is Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a somewhat regal stone. Its name has an origin with the Russian Imperator Alexandr II. According to 4C criteria, the gemstone is characterized by high hardness indicators, vivid color modifications, transparency effects, and traditional cut shapes. All these criteria resemble emerald and ruby ones. The alexandrite effects explain the twin coloring similarities: this stone has light green coloring in natural lighting and transforms into reddish-purple or pompadour when you look at your gem inside.

The alexandrite has a comprehensive meaning which refers to its healing impact and some weird fiction. Furthermore, this stone is deemed to have a “windy” character which designates strong powers and sometimes breeze calmness for its owners. So, it is not surprising that this gem is a perfect birthstone for the June-born people whose patron is an air element. The alexandrite is a suitable birthstone for those with June-related birthdays and an independent and virile character. Along with moonstone and pearls, it would be a thematic gift for Gemini-born people.

The durability properties of alexandrine stones are higher than its expensive competitors like emeralds. Moreover, this gem is rare due to the limited locations where it could be mined. The global supplies of natural stones decline every year, and therefore the jewelry market increasingly offers synthetic peers with comparable properties. 

The alexandrite birthstone is a unique jewelry item that matches any evening or casual outfit due to its chameleon transformations. Besides, if you are thinking about a jewelry gift for your husband, then men’s accessories with this gemstone are the best option for any occasion.

Interesting facts about the rare and valuable alexandrite stones

Before you decide to pick up vintage natural alexandrite rings or other jewelry items, you may get acquainted with some interesting facts about this gem.

Interesting facts about the rare and valuable alexandrite

  • The alexandrite discovered in the Ural Mountains is yielded at a few territories in Brasilia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. However, the scarcity of its deposits has stimulated laboratory developments regarding the synthetic analogues, particularities of which meet the criterions appropriate to their natural ancestors just as well.
  • The alexandrite royal meaning is based not only on its name genesis but also its 4C qualities. The main feature is constant coloring transformations varying from saturated emerald shades to intensive velvet red ones. Moreover, the gem cut utmost presented in ovals and cushions is associated with elegant and gorgeous rings, tiaras, and pendants. Special attention should be drawn to men’s alexandrite rings with this powerful gem that highlights the business style of the male world.
  • The natural alexandrite stones are costly due to their restricted supplies at the jewelry market. Their price ceiling could reach 35k USD per 1 carat. So, fake stones are a typical situation on doubtful trading platforms. In this case, you must know a simple method to distinguish a genuine stone. You need to drag it to light, and if the stone shows all rainbow shades, you have a valuable treasure.


What color is an alexandrite birthstone?

Alexandrite owns mysterious physical and chemical properties. The natural stones can change their coloring and resemble both emerald and ruby shades. Such reaction results from the chrysoberyl origin of the alexandrite stones.

How can you identify a natural alexandrite?

The natural alexandrite sparkles in the sun and presents all rainbow colors. To minimize the risks of these fake gems, you should trust only reliable gem stores.

What is a unique feature of the alexandrite stones?

The uniqueness of these Russia-originated stones regards their chameleon coloring particularities. Moreover, the magnificent shapes and 4C qualities faithfully nominate it as the valuable gemstone which could supplement emeralds, rubies, and even sapphires.

What is the average price for the alexandrite stones?

The average price for natural and high-quality alexandrite stones varies near 15 kUSD per carat. However, the estimated value could increase due to the coloring palette and the origin location.

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