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Kashmir sapphire stone

August 28, 2021

Kashmir sapphire

Today, many collectors do not miss the opportunity to acquire Kashmir sapphire. The owners of rings, necklaces, and earrings with this gemstone are only representatives of high society, which is explained by the very high cost of jewelry. Most of the first sapphires mined in Kashmir adorn the jewels of the British royal court. In the 19th century, this region was one of the British colonies, and kings wore sapphires, hence the well-known concept of “royal blue”.

The unforgettable color of these sapphires bewitches and falls in love at first sight. These high-quality sapphires have a velvety mid-blue color with a slight glow from the inside. This unique combination of color and light has been accurately reported by Dr. Eduard Gubelin, a passionate gemstone researcher, as “soft and velvety, moderately bright; with a clear, deep blue color that has a touch of majestic purple in it.

They have all the known features that are attributed to ordinary sapphires:

  • a kind of corundum, trivalent aluminum oxide
  • very durable mineral, second only to diamond (9 on the Moss scale)
  • gem with a reflective coefficient ranging between 1.760-1.768 and 1.770-1.779

However, they are the most desirable from all over sapphires, and in this article, you will find out why. We have described in detail the characteristics that make this stone the most valuable among the other gems. If you are interested in Kashmir gemstones, then you can browse our catalog for their availability.

Why are Kashmir sapphire stones so expensive?

Kashmir sapphire is the most popular stone of its kind in deep blue color with a touch of violet. Gems from the northern valley separating India and Pakistan are valued much higher than others currently mined in Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Madagascar. What is the secret of this crystal?

  • Cornflower blue hue. First of all, the uniqueness is in color, which is mesmerizing at first sight. Although blue is the most common of the sapphire colors, it is found in a huge variety of saturations and shades that give each stone its originality and uniqueness. The most common shades of blue sapphires are magenta, violet, and green. The first two are considered to be noble, emphasizing the beauty of the stone, while green and much less common yellow are regarded as flaws that distort the tone and reduce the aesthetic value of the crystal. In Kashmir sapphires, the shades of violet and purple occupy over 15% of the crystal, that is why these stones are considered to be of the highest quality.
  • Mineral composition. As we said before, sapphires refer to the corundum family. This mineral, with a blue color, consists of two elements aluminum and oxygen. And here are extra inclusions of titanium, to which these gems owe their majestic shade. Therefore, the color of other such gemstones is judged solely against the ideal shade of Kashmir. Some of the finest stone exemplars from other deposits come close to it in their merits and yet never quite match them.

It should be noted that not all Kashmir stones are really good. The buyer has to remember that a gemological certificate verifying the extraction of stone in Kashmir does not yet guarantee its high quality. Experienced companies like Gem Lovers also provide their customers with detailed photos and videos. The rest of the features are attributed to the weight of the stone (the more, the higher the cost), its cut (the mixed oval cut is the most valuable), as well as purity. But the main and final parameter of the cost of Kashmir gemstones is their incredible rarity.

Kashmir a deposit of high-quality sapphires

Kashmir is an area in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. Previously, it was the Principality of Padar in the Himalayas, in the bottoms of which there was an invaluable source of the world’s finest sapphires and magnificent rubies. It was found after an extensive landslide in the Padar region that resulted in the Himalayas. At an altitude of about 4,500 meters, a vast reservoir opened up, which made it possible to mine these beautiful stones openly. For five years, an impressive amount of jewelry material has been extracted.

Kashmir a deposit of high-quality sapphires

However, this was in the past as the Kashmir gemstone deposit was completely depleted seven years after its discovery in 1880. Nowadays, it is called the “old deposit” since the “new” one was found years later. But new stones of gem quality in Kashmir are very rare. Most of the jewelry material from this region was obtained over 100 years ago. The Kashmir mines were officially closed back in the thirties of the last century, and the most famous stones were mined in a short period from 1882 to 1887.

Therefore, at present, all the sapphires that were mined in this region are the so-called “old” stones, many times passed from hand to hand. There is almost no new mining in India, which explains why Kashmir’s sapphires are a true desire for collectors. Gem Lovers will gladly provide you with one of the quality Kashmir gemstones. The company can also provide you with a certificate of authenticity without any problem. Just contact us.

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