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Matching Emeralds to your Outfits

August 16, 2021

emeralds jewerly

Each woman or girl wants to look perfect by matching her outfits with precious accessories. And emerald jewelry, as a symbol of calmness and wisdom, is the stuff that is worth making your look unforgettable!

Some stylists would say that emeralds are usually to be worn by females with green eyes or red hair. Well, there is some truth in it, but only when we adhere to our appearance features while choosing the jewelry. However, the emerald jewelry with gold settings is apparently supposed to be the most luxurious and stylish stuff fitted for everyone who identifies oneself as truly jewelry lovers and ready to wear them every day or for a special occasion.

The world statistic analysts outline that the emeralds refer to the primary mineral-originated gemstones due to a range of their features. They are durable (e.g., the Mohs scale determines them as crockness and high-temperature resistant giving almost 8 points of 10), crystalline (i.e. their clarity is high and full colors make them shine and play with streams of the sun), and valuable (i.e. high prices are set on the rare colored emeralds or highly carat-weighted ones).

However, the emeralds need to be carefully handled specially when we purchase the jewelry with small gems.

How to wear emerald jewelry?

wear emerald jewelry

Sex does not matter when we are wearing emeralds. Even men like to wear different models of rings with emeralds embedded in gold, platinum, or possibly metal accessories that demonstrate luxury and strength.


These gemstones in the right settings could satisfy both men and women. You may just pick up the jewelry for your own taste and purpose and remember that quantity does not mean quality. That’s why, please avoid wearing several accessories at once.


Try to keep the balance when choosing the perfect piece of jewelry, dress, shoes, and other outfit details. You must think over your look combining the different elements in order to make your outfit ideal:

  • gemstone coloring. Even the tone or shade of the jewelry main color has a significant sense;
  • setting metal which helps to eliminate the crookedness of your gems and highlight its main advantages;
  • appearance features. Skin, face shape, hands, and, of course, eyes, and hair color could change your mind about your evening or business style.

Emerald Perfect Settings and Colors

Emerald Perfect Settings and Colors

White gold settings perhaps could highlight the main features of the emerald jewelry, and every eye would concentrate only on your accessory. Besides, it is a great way to add the final “spices” to their evening dresses and to have a confident look during business meetings.

Dark green emerald jewelry commonly embedded in golden or platinum settings is obviously considered exclusive, premium, and not purposed for casual outfits.

When you are looking for a special engagement ring you may be assured to decide in favor of white gold settings instead of yellow or red ones. The white metal ideally matches with greenish gems and perfectly highlights their splendor and elegance.

In addition, when choosing emerald jewelry for romance purposes, you should foresee that emeralds are good “companions” with other gemstones (rubies, garnet, and, of course, diamonds).

Talking about clothes you can’t combine emerald-similar colored dresses because you will look ridiculous and your gems will be hidden by the folds of a dress. Few cautions refer to a red dress which has to be in every female wardrobe, as a rule. In practice, such obligatory stuff will never match with emerald jewelry unless you would like to be a fairytale hero.

The emerald clarity and shades are influenced by the season outfits and the clothing types. If a female has some light summer clothes she may combine rings with light green crystalline gems. At the same time, the silver earnings with full opaque emeralds will match the eye-catching clothing.

How to wear emerald jewelry?

As mentioned above, the right choice of emerald jewelry primarily depends on the customer’s appearance features. Let’s describe in detail the shapes of your face and constitution in order to be assured that emeralds fit you perfectly.

  • The eye and hair color does matter but the right gem shades would make each female beautiful and charming. The blondies are recommended to wear light gems; the brown-heard are able to choose whatever they like and the dark and full-colored emeralds match any outfit of the dark-haired people
  • The face shape makes you confused about the earrings’ choice. The oval-shaped persons could wear all forms of emerald earrings, however, the oval-cut emeralds could highlight the soft facial lines. The long face requires the specific shapes of the gem-cutting similar to a triangle, a square, or circle-shaped ones. The square-shaped faces should not be additionally highlighted with massy earrings; the good sense of tiny and heavy accessories would be rather suitable. The ideal option contained earrings of prolate form voluminal in the bottom match the owners of heart-shaped faces.
  • If a female has stubby fingers she should prefer pear-shaped or tear-shaped rings embodying the vivid small emeralds. The asymmetry rings will be a perfect choice for the owners of pudgy fingers.
  • If the girl's wrists seem big she ought to make her decision on the rings with oval-cut emeralds.
  • The skin color modifies your choice of emerald jewelry. As darker or lighter the skin is so the emerald range of colors changes respectively.

Nevertheless, the main point in jewelry shopping is you must like your accessories, and their color matches your favorite shoes or bag.

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