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Matching Rubies to your Outfits

August 31, 2021

Matching Rubies to your Outfits

Choosing gold jewelry with a precious insert, today, it is difficult even to imagine how wide the selection of jewelry on the market is. And all kinds of software and IT technologies of the 21st century, led by the trendy 3-D modeling, only accelerate this process. What to choose among a huge number of models and how to choose a precious insert, in particular, a ruby, with the best quality and to match the clothes. How to choose the right ruby ​​to rejoice and enjoy the stone for a long time, and how to distinguish an authentic copy from a fake?

When choosing jewelry with a ruby ​​insert, be sure to consider ruby ​​etiquette. Over the centuries, mankind has developed certain rules for wearing jewelry, including jewelry with rubies, without which, one can safely fall into the category of ignoramuses and even be known as a vulgar person. Here is some of them:

  • for everyday wear, there is no need to pick up a too massive ruby-— in the daytime, it will not look so beautiful, and it will not be very comfortable to wear it;
  • not expensive jewelry is appropriate for young girls, this also applies to stones, therefore, when choosing a ruby, it is advisable to give preference to medium-sized stones;
  • for married women there is the following rule: the older the woman, the larger the stone, the same rule works for the cost of the jewelry: the older the woman, the more expensive the jewelry;
  • rings with large rubies are not suitable for women with thin fingers;
  • long earrings with rubies are worn with gathered hair, and it is advisable to wear pendants with clothes where there is a cutout;
  • jewelry should be combined with each other and match the style of clothing, of course, this is chosen to taste;
  • according to ruby ​​etiquette, rings are not bought on their own — they are usually given to loved ones;
  • Ruby is especially suitable for women with warm skin tones, because the color of the stone, according to the etiquette, should be combined with the color of the skin.

Determine the quality of the stone

Determine the quality of the stone (1)

When choosing such ruby ​​jewelry, they put an assessment of the color of the stone at the forefront, and it’s no secret that the most valued minerals have an intense shade. When assessing the color of a ruby, it is imperative to take into account the tone and saturation of the stone to the clothes. A high-quality ruby ​​is usually required to be red, but in nature, depending on the deposit, there are stones of purple and orange shades. Sometimes it is possible to see a secondary hue when refracting light, but in a high-quality ruby, ​​it only emphasizes the main color and does not spoil it in any way. Also, no less important factors affecting the final assessment of ruby ​​are the clarity of the stone and its cut, which entirely depends on the professionalism of the jeweler and allows to raise the price of the stone several times. Of course, the choice belongs to the buyer, and they don’t argue about tastes, because everyone has his own. So, we have 4 fundamental factors that completely affect the quality of the ruby ​​and, accordingly, your choice, namely:

  • Ruby ​​tone: as a rule, professional gemologists describe it only as dark or light, however, minerals with average values ​​of tones are most valued. Stones with pronounced tone characteristics can somewhat impair the visual perception of light saturation, which must be taken into account when choosing.
  • Ruby saturation: characterized by the intensity of the color. According to their properties, corundum should have maximum values, however, stones that are too catchy are also not suitable for everyone, which must also be taken into account when choosing.
  • The purity of a ruby: nothing is perfect, the same applies to rubies of natural origin, which may have inclusions, microcracks, and defects. But pay attention to the fact that the listed factors directly proportionally affect such a characteristic of a ruby ​​as transparency. The fewer inclusions and micro defects, the higher the quality of the stone, and ideally this can only be observed through a magnifying glass.
  • Ruby cut: an important factor that strongly affects the cost and depends not on nature, but the professionalism of the master. An uncut ruby ​​is usually inexpensive because it cannot refract and reflect color, and therefore does not have beauty and brilliance. The better the stone is cut, the better it refracts and reflects light.

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