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Meaning and characteristics of green opal

August 24, 2021

green opal

All opals in mineralogy are referred to as quartz. These October’s birthstones are traditionally considered outstanding representatives of ornamental stones, first described by the Roman historian Pliny. Among them, green opal stands out for its special and unique beauty and meaning.

Opal color is very diverse and is mainly due to impurities. Opal itself is colorless, usually from transparent to white. Depending on the peculiarities of impurities' internal structure and composition, opal is characterized by milky blue, gray, red, yellow, green, brown, and black colors.

Only two reasons can cause opal's green color:

  • The base color of the stone for common opal. The color is based on impurities, for example, nickel or chromium.
  • The color of the optical effect of opalescence in the noble type. Pure spectral green dominates over other hues in the play of rainbow flares.

Green opal is a semi-precious stone. Basically, these stones are cut in cabochon, due to which it takes on a smooth or oval shape with a pronounced opalescence. There are also cases when jewelers provide these stones a fancy cut, allowing them to create incredible works of art in the form of various opal jewelry. In this article, you will learn more about the meaning of the green opal, as well as its various characteristics.

Physicochemical properties of opal

To be more precise, opal is not a stone since it does not have the crystalline structure that is inherent in most gems. Opal belongs to bioliths, stones of an organic origin; therefore, it is similar to amber, pearls, and coral in its properties. Of its specific characteristics, one can single out the fact that:

  • Opal is amorphous silica SiO2ºnH2O, the water content is usually in the range from 1 to 5%, but sometimes it reaches 20% and maximum (rarely) up to 34%. All opals lose some of their water when they dry. The smaller such an indicator is initially, the stronger the opals jewelry, and the larger it is, the more transparent it is, and its fragility is higher;
  • It has a high degree of strength: on the Mohs scale, it is about 5 points, so it is easily used as an ornamental material for making jewelry;
  • Its brightness and specific glassy luster distinguish the stone;
  • Noble exemplars of the gem have the characteristic property of opalescence. It is the term of a beautiful optical effect when, when light hits a gemstone, a characteristic mother-of-pearl or rainbow shine appears.

Opals are mined in different parts of our planet. Deposits look like thin layers. Large samples come across to specialists very rarely. Australia is the main place where the stone is mined, where more than 90% of the world’s opal reserves are concentrated.

In addition, the mineral is mined in:

  • Africa (Ethiopia);
  • Japan;
  • Honduras;
  • America;
  • Slovakia.

Ethiopia, along with Australia, is the main supplier of opals to the world market.

The meaning of green opal

Opal was rare and very valuable in antiquity. It was a gem that members of royal families prized. The green variety of opal has a lot of meanings that many peoples still believe in. In Europe, opals jewelry is perceived as a symbol of trust, hope, love, and sincerity. In India, a special attitude is shown to opal since there is an opinion that this particular stone can become a child’s talisman. Hindus believe that opal protects children from illness and misfortune.

The meaning of green opal

According to authoritative astrologers meaning, green opal helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the human body. Also, opals jewelry gives a person physical and moral strength. Opal helps its owner to perceive only necessary and truthful information from the outside world. There is also an opinion that opal contributes to the materialization of the thoughts of its owner. Therefore, if a person thinks about the desired, then he can hope that his dreams will soon come true. If a person has a pessimistic attitude, then opal will only aggravate this condition.

If you are interested in this October’s birthstone, then you can take a look at its proposed samples in the catalog of our company. Gem Lovers is ready to provide its clients with certificates of authenticity, additional photo, and video materials, as well as detailed advice on each stone. You just need to choose the most convenient way for you to contact us, described in the Contacts section.

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