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Moonstone as a June Birthstone

November 2, 2021

Moonstone as a June Birthstone

This semi-precious jewelry stone is worth being noticed by true gem lovers; their look fascinates and catches the eye of the versed jewelry seekers. Moonstone has a special dedication and finds its owner by itself. If you have some doubts about accepting the moonstone as your birthstone, try holding it for a few minutes, and your intuition will find the correct answer. 

However, people who are born in June can be assured that moonstone is their soulmate gemstone. The stone expresses a mild mystique due to its deep white and blue shining and magical effects of light and colors. Moreover, the moonstone symbolism covers the famous legends about its benefits for temperamental personalities because it helps control emotions.

The jewelry experts detect several subtypes of these jewel stones, such as:

  • adular - a transparent or semi-transparent stone;
  • belomorite - a milky-white or yellowish stone mined at the coast of the White Sea
  • labradorite or a unique black mineral.

The properties of moonstone subtypes are identical and differ only per the color quality. They match jewelry accessories embedded in preferable platinum or white gold settings and Feng shui decoration items to fill the space with positive energy and harmony for the house tenants.

Moonstone symbolism and its properties

Moonstone is a true mystery gem that symbolizes spiritual strength covered by many fairy tales in every age and continent. The peace seekers will find a balancing harmony if they wear the appropriate jewelry, and the adventurers appreciate the tremendous energy and magnetism which attracts luck and happiness.

Moonstone is a generic term for the large groups of minerals that originated to field spar. These gems have an uncommon property named irisation. This effect could be explained as the particularity of the stone to resemble the pearls colored in white and blue shades in case of their fine cutting and polishing method. 

Such a feature is typical for three well-known subtypes of the mysterious gemstone. The coloring options allow us to distinguish the following kinds of moonstone:

  • Adular is crystal-yield gems with whitish coloring and light blue shade from inside. This unfairly forgotten gemstone has become popular among modern jewelry designers due to its high 4C qualities. Besides, their processing and cutting steps prove excellent restrictions to high-temperature impacts and other artificial interventions.
  • Belomorite was found in the White Sea area and associated with moonstone and pearl mixture. Their coloring seems like an early sunrise over the charming coolness of the sea bosom due to white-blue shades. Such gemstones perfectly match necklaces or pendant accessories.
  • Labradorite is the most eye-catching stone with dark shades which transform into deep blue sparkling tones in case of experienced polishing results. Its name is an honor to the respective location in Canada, where the first gems were discovered.

The properties of moonstone make it universal and expand their applications fields, notably:

  • Moonstone is primarily known as a famous jewelry attribute. You may notice vintage necklaces with the respective pendants, which could have special meaning for free and confident people. The particular attention should focus on the men’s moonstone rings which fit brutal and freedom-loving males.
  • The interior decoration option curiously highlighting the library hall and the moonstone crystals is a wise solution for concentrating the brain and meditation symbolism. So, it is not surprising that these gemstones are widely applied in Feng shui philosophy. In this case, moonstone-graced decor grants harmony, peace, and emotional balance to the house’s owners.
  • Another invaluable application of properties of moonstone is aimed at homeopathy therapy. Some experts consider this semi-gemstone to be helpful for blood pressure balance and emphasize the positive effects of the concerned jewelry on the nervous system and mental health. However, reliable clinical trials are hardly able to prove such statements. Nevertheless, the natural chemical content of the moonstone is likely to influence all spheres of its carrier satisfactorily.


Who should wear moonstone?

Moonstone will highlight each woman no matter their hair, skin, or eye color bringing the necessary spices for a complete style. It is possible due to moonstone subtypes harmonizing with elegant red-carpet dresses or business suits. Men could also find the moonstone attractive and suitable for rock accessories such as respective rings and thematic death-head pendants.

Can you wear a moonstone every day?

There are no crucial etiquette restrictions regarding the moonstone wearing specifications. A lovely ring or necklace with this stone will look great wherever you work or study unless your business activities are in connection with 911 services. In that case, all jewelry will have an awkward sense.

Can you wear two crystals at once?

Moonstone is a unique gem that matches only with equal counterparts. Notably, the jewelry stylists recommend combining the accessories graced with moonstone and marinate, amethyst, sunstone and rose quartz. Their controversial colors will create a curious hippie-like outfit; however, it needs a wise consideration of the types of accessories.

Do moonstones glow in the dark?

Moonstones have an exciting feature due to their physical properties, and this is the power to glow in the dark. A stone absorbs the sunlight during the day and returns it at least for three hours during the night period. The same principle is used in solar collector activities.

What is the spiritual meaning of moonstone?

The ghostly spirit of moonstones associated with its look is a good background for a well-organized marketing campaign. This semi-precious gem is beautiful and magnetizes the extraordinary personalities working in hard-to-explain job sectors like art, IT, or travel. Moonstone is a stone of free spirit persons preferring to accept risky decisions.

What is the fair price for the moonstones?

The moonstone is a pretty cheap gemstone despite its attractive shape and coloring. The starting bid is 10 USD per carat. However, the cut and clarity qualities could increase the stone value.

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