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Supersize Your Diamond: How to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger?

September 7, 2021


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – Merilyn Monroe


The outstanding phrase is definitely correct because every girl is fond of these luxurious, charming, and vivid gemstones. Probably, from early childhood, every young woman dreams about a handsome and loyal husband, a large and memorable wedding party, and an exclusive and sparkling ring. So, how could the special ring be exclusive without diamonds?

Of course, every female would like to have a special and carat-weighted gem embedded in the accessory not to be owned by someone else. However, the big gems with over 10 carats are worth a sky-high price. 

Obviously, not everyone can afford to purchase luxury diamonds unless one’s future husband is so successful as the Prince of Monaco, Kanye West, or Jay-Z.

Don’t worry about that and keep in mind that the decision-making approach of the brilliant ring should be pragmatic and reasonable because that accessory is going to keep the warmest memories of your life. In order to do that you should pay a lot of money or just learn some tips on what makes your diamonds a bigger size.

Well,  follow our key recommendations for the gemstone settings that should be noticed if you want to make your diamonds look bigger herein.

Main visual helpers to supersize your treasury friends

The core element helping to change your diamond size visually is its setting. Below are listed some popular settings which actually make everyone jealous of your accessories.

supersize your treasury friends

  • Illusory setting. Such settings became famous in the USA in the 1930s when women wanted to look great despite the hard and poor times and the lack of earnings. In those times, the jewelers embedded a diamond on a setting made of opalesque white-colored precious metal. The metal shininess was accompanied by a dazzling illusion of the big gems. Such a setting remains to be popular until the ongoing days. However, there is one valid point that regards the color of the gem and its setting. If your diamonds have white shades the appropriate setting should be colored in white too.
  • Cluster setting. The small or dimension-equal diamonds are embedded in the setting one-by-one making the illusion of a single carat-weighted gem. This setting matches better with the identical gems equally or semi-equally colored. A well-proportioned metal around the gemstone makes the last one safer. So, the right cluster setting could protect your accessory against any little damage.
  • Aureole setting. When the center gemstone is circumcised by a range of smaller gems in the form of a circle this gemstone seems to be as big as this aureole. However, such a setting has some disadvantages because small diamonds are worn out very quickly and need permanent examinations by the jewelers.
  • Mosaic setting. The setting feature is that tiny gems less than 0.2 carats in weight are closely embedded one-by-one around the whole surface of the band. The wearing abilities of such a setting are weak because the diamonds are directly set on the metal that may need temporary repairs or gem replacement.
  • Bezel setting. This setting is classified as the most reliable and useful one. The center gem is embedded in a bar of metal that makes the diamond look bigger visually. The romantic ring with the bezel setting provides extra protection against accidental hits and impacts. Chiefly, the gem-cut affects the visual qualities of the jewelry because the crockness of the brilliant cut could be increased by the bezel setting and make your diamond look worse.
  • Hidden setting. Such a type of diamond setting is popular due to the simplified construction technology, but, at the same time, that makes the diamond replacement or the jewelry repair complicated and even impossible.

Extra tricks of bigger diamonds

Apart from the setting that makes your diamonds look bigger visually, there are additional things that help to supersize your diamonds.

  • The right brilliant cut helps to supersize and sometimes improves the gemstone shapes. A highly qualitative cut performed by the professional jeweler must allocate the gem weight and highlight its main features.
  • Please choose the ring with a thin band.
  • Experiment on your ring design supplementing your center gemstone with other colored gems. However, this method is too risky because you must think over the size, the shape, and primarily the color of all gems in order to create the exclusive piece of the jewelry art.

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