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Teal Blue Sapphires, the Trending Engagement Ring

August 23, 2021

Teal Blue Sapphires, the Trending Engagement Ring

The engagement rings made of the sapphires alternatively referred to as Corundum is the best mixture of a luxury royal style and an imperishable symbol of love for a reasonable price. It’s hardly a surprise that these gemstones remain to lead the world as the most popular rings for the engagements due to their spark color, stone hardness, well pricing, and high clarity.

Who does not know the glamour and stylish blue sapphires? Comprising additive elements as Titanium and Ferrum they are treated as the most popular royal gems worn during formal banquets and royal wedding ceremonies at all time. Hence, the British Monarchy members are the most famous devotees of such magnificent sapphire jewelry for romance events. However, wedding jewelry tastes are expanding and the vast majority of modern women demand some extraordinary ring gems. The researchers say that 90% of the female respondents at the age of 35 and less want their rings to be special, including 35% of them who want the unique colored sapphire as a central gemstone. Besides, according to the BRIDES’ expert analysis in 2021, the teal blue sapphires are ranked as 6 of 38 best-colored engagement rings that will rock their world and could become the new trend among brides all over the world.

Why Are Teal Blue Sapphires So Exclusive?

The teal blue sapphires are unique because they are single-located mostly in Australia. Also, their deposits could be yielded in the extreme north of Madagascar, Ethiopia, and in Mambilla, Nigeria. In the United States, these jewel stones are mined only in Montana. The origin of the gemstones is important in order to assure clients in their authenticity certified by the appropriate documents.

These gems are colored with two core shades – turquoise and blue – like the sea color array. Maybe, this combination looks like a severe and cold one. But it’s only prejudice. The various gem shapes and shades could satisfy your needs and fascinate with the lagoon calmness and fashion style of the teal blue sapphires. The heart-, tear-, octagon-, oval-shaped and other rings would become a good choice for the engagement offer and a perfect accessory to make each woman’s look complete.

The gem-cutting also impacts the sapphire visual properties radiated from the light shades to the dark ones. In addition, some experts stress that the teal blue sapphires could change their brightness and color shade depending on the day and night lighting.

Key Criteria for Engagement Ring Choice

Let’s describe some notes you could find out when you choose such meaningful stuff for the vital occasion.

You should remember that a engagement ring made of jewel metal  with few colorful gems embedded is a product which costs a price, needs to meet your design requirements and wishes matching with some other accessories, and wear well for a long period of time in order to remind you the most beautiful moments of your life and even become a family treasure for new generation. So, you may focus on some core rules on how to choose the engagement ring.

Engagement Ring

1. Exclusive engagement ring requires adequate price

You should plan the most important event of your life wisely and remember that the expensive and old-fashioned accessories do not refer to the modern tendencies in the wedding industry. The teal blue sapphires are much cheaper than the royal blue sapphires or the carat-weighted diamonds but valued significantly due to their smooth cut, a bright play of luminescence, and natural clarity. These sapphires are yielded in a mechanical manner and documented by each step of their delivery. So, you may not be worried about the origin of your jewelry or its primary features. However, if you pick up the carat-weighted sapphires, you have to pay an adequate price.

2. Perfect match in any settings

The teal blue sapphires could become a good substitute for any expensive and gorgeous gems, and, at the same time, they perfectly fit other metals and jewel stones such as diamonds, gold, and silver that make your engagement ring exclusive and eye-delighted. 

Moreover, you may plan your wedding decorations in a proper color range of such greenish-blue sapphires that keep your event remarkable and unforgettable.

3. Gem durability impacts design and life long utilization

Relying on a scientific opinion, the sapphires have the highest durability rate pursuant to the Mohs scale (e.g. the blue sapphires take 9 points of 10 and compete with other gems as the most solid jewel stone). They are not likely to form chips, cracks or fractures, and could be easily cut as you wish. So, you may wear jewelry made of teal blue sapphires both every day and for some special occasions.

Do not defer your opportunity to make the best moment of your life full of truly rich memories with an illuminative and price-customized engagement ring.

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