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Ultimate Guide to Wear White Sapphire

September 2, 2021

Guide to Wear White Sapphire

The attractiveness of sapphire, this most beautiful noble stone, is so great that in ancient times it was called heavenly, endowed with magical properties, and jewelry with it was considered worthy of royalty. Nowadays, interest in jewelry with this stone of amazing beauty has not faded away — rings with sapphires confidently hold the palm in the list of the most desirable gifts.

Sapphires are worthy competitors of rubies and emeralds, and all these stones are united by belonging to the corundum group. The most famous and demanded sapphire color on the fashion jewelry market is blue and its shades. In addition to the most popular, there is a group of fancy-colored stones, and the cost of the jewelry will depend on the color.

And the color and other features of sapphire depend on geography since it is mined almost all over the world, from Australia and Asian countries to the USA, Russia, and some African countries.

It is a mistake to believe that jewelry, and especially rings with sapphires, are worn exclusively for significant occasions: depending on the size of the stone and the style of the jewelry, it can be perfectly combined with a strict office style or with a luxurious evening dress.

Sapphire features and benefits

The world of gems is amazing, enchanting. Even if you skim through jewelry catalogs, sapphire rings, regardless of the type of precious stone, or metal, will attract your attention and will be remembered as stylish, exquisite jewelry that you will definitely want to purchase in a family collection, as a gift to someone dear to you.

Sapphire is a royal stone. The wedding ring was once presented to Princess Diana by Prince Charles on the occasion of their engagement and is currently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, also after her engagement to Prince William, Diana’s son.

Like any other gemstone, sapphire is evaluated by jewelers and gemologists primarily for color, clarity, and weight (carat), but the quality of the cut and the origin of corundum are also taken into account.

In addition to the dry facts, they say that the stone also has mystical characteristics. Many people believe that the stone has magical properties, there are also many myths, and legends, but over the centuries both sapphire rings and the stone itself, in addition to jewelry, have acquired a rich history. But it is not surprising because over the years it has accumulated enough history and myths around it.

Sapphire colors

Of course, the attitude to the color of sapphire will differ in various countries — European fashionistas are crazy about light stones, while in Russia jewelry with a more intense, well-defined dark blue color is extremely revered. And an excursion into the world of these amazing gems will always begin with a well-known statement: the most expensive sapphires in the whole world are blue.

How to wear a sapphire: on which finger and on which hand

How to wear a sapphire

  • It all depends on what kind of sapphire ring is in front of you — an everyday piece of jewelry or a jewel for the occasion. The prices for jewelry with small stones are not so high, and if you like a gem so much that you are not ready to part with it either in the office or at school, wear the ring most conveniently.
  • Engagement and wedding options are worn on the ring finger, and which hand depends on cultural traditions, nationality, and confession. For example, in Catholicism, Islam, the Protestant faith, this is the left hand, in Orthodoxy and traditionally in Russia — the right.
  • A ring for a secular party or a grand event is chosen so that its owner can, on occasion, demonstrate to others her sense of fashion. Larger stones, bold designs, non-standard shapes, the most unexpected color combinations are recommended. When will the opportunity present itself!
  • The love of women for rings with sapphires, in addition to the beauty of the stone itself and the jewelry, is also based on the versatility of the jewelry. The classic cut and shape — we boldly put on jeans and your favorite soft sweatshirt, and if office everyday life is ahead, the jewel will favorably emphasize the severity of a trouser suit or a blouse with a skirt.
  • And how not to remember Duchess Kate and Lady Dee again, the famous sapphire ring from their presentation is elegantly combined with any wardrobe items, and it always looks stylish and appropriate.
  • The delight of every woman — rings with sapphires of any color, not only blue, because they can be combined with both plain and colored wardrobe. In the first case, pink, green, or, for example, star sapphire will moderately dilute the monochrome clothes, and if you are wearing bright shades and their combinations, the colored ring will harmoniously blend into the image.
  • But what you should not do is to wear sapphire jewelry along with rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches inlaid with other stones — this is too much for your style. It must be remembered that sapphire is good in itself and does not need additional reinforcement.

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