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What is pink morganite?

August 26, 2021

What is pink morganite

Morganite is an extraordinary rare semi-precious stone, pink beryl. This stone belongs to the beryllium group of minerals and has the same physical and chemical properties, which exalt this stone above others. Morganite’s color palette is very wide and ranges from pale pink to reddish-purple. Sometimes the mineral can have a yellow or peach color. Therefore, you can certainly choose a stone to your liking. However, today we will talk specifically about the pink variety, which especially pleasantly attracts the eyes of others with its delicate color scheme.

There is beauty in the pink facets, a lot of mystery, and at the same time, tenderness, which is suitable for both men and women. This stone is actively used in jewelry manufacture since it lends itself quite well to cutting, almost does not split or crumble, allowing you to create real masterpieces. It is noteworthy that with the excellent features of the pink shade and clarity, natural morganite gemstone can be valued more than a diamond. The stone is rich in history and its properties, which you can find out about below, and fully get an answer to the question "What is pink morganite?"

Features of pink morganite stone

Due to the high content of metallic impurities in the composition, the natural morganite gemstone is very dense and hard, which allows it to be cut qualitatively. The brightness of the stone’s color depends on which mineral predominates in its composition. The shade of it fades when exposed to direct sunlight, and when it is heated, the stone can generally lose its color and become colorless. Also, the following can be distinguished from the characteristic features of the stone:

  • The hardness and density of the stone correspond to those of the minerals of the beryllium group and are 7.5-8. And the density is 2.6-2.9 g cm³.
  • The radiation level is above normal in large stones with a pronounced color (the bright color is inherent in stones with a high cesium content). Only gems with a weak color and small weight are considered radioactively safe.
  • Morganite owes its unusual tone to the admixtures of manganese, as well as lithium, iron, and cesium
  • Natural morganite gemstone has a pleochroic effect. The optical effect refers to the change in color depending on the viewing angle.

Morganite deposits are associated with pegmatite rocks, which are magmatic in nature their peculiarity is that they could hide very large specimens of stones. Another distinguishing feature of such deposits is a huge variety of crystals. Therefore, miners can simultaneously find topaz, quartz, emeralds, aquamarine, and other gems simultaneously with morganites. The most famous deposits of this pink beryl, where the largest and most beautiful stones are mined, are located in:

  • Brazil
  • Island Madagascar
  • The states of California and Utah (USA).
  • China
  • Africa
  • Afghanistan

History and legends about natural morganite gemstone

The first gems appeared on the world market in 1910 thanks to the company “Tiffany Co.” the jewelry house presented pink-purple samples of beryl found in Madagascar. Its predecessor is beryl, which dates back to the 3rd century AD. A mixture of beryllium with manganese was found at the end of the last century in California. The mineral was described for the first time by George Koontz. The stone got its title associated with the name of the famous philanthropist and banker Morgan in the United States. In the New York Museum of Natural History, a female statuette is presented, which is quite serious for morganite in size 6 by 11 centimeters, it is entirely carved from pink beryl. The faceted specimen found in Madagascar is especially famous its mass is equal to 1625 carats, it is kept in the Royal Museum of Ontario, USA.

History and legends about natural morganite gemstone

In the culture of the East, pink morganite is revered as the beloved creation of God. All plans and intentions of a person, if they do not contradict the laws of the Almighty, will be implemented, and a beautiful pink stone will help in this. It is also believed that a mineral is closely related to Buddhist philosophy. The followers of Buddhism have a legend according to which beryl was gifted to our planet from above and personified the connection between everything worldly and divine. It is as if all the knowledge about the Universe is concentrated in the stone. The monks believed that possessing strong energy and morganite is able to relieve its owner of any disease, starting its healing effect from the very first, metal level. Naturally, only a select few could possess such an amazing stone.

Hope we have answered your question about “What is pink morganite?“. If you are interested in a natural morganite gemstone, then you can look into our website catalog. Perhaps it conceals what you have been looking for for a long time. Even if you do not find a suitable model, our employees can search for it, guided by your declared parameters.

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