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What is zircon?

September 9, 2021

What is zircon

Zircon is a noble gem that has been used by mankind since ancient times. The name of the stone comes from the Persian term “zargun”, which means “golden color”. This ancient name gives some idea of ​​the natural color of these gems. Most mined stones come in a full range of warm shades, from yellows to rich browns, including oranges and reds. However, colorless, blue, green, or even black zircon is also found. This great variation gives rise to a huge demand for stone, which is gaining more and more popularity every day.

Zircon has several expensive types that are highly prized in the jewelry community. Also, the birthstone of December looks great in many pieces of jewelry, as it has great physical and chemical properties, which we will talk about in more detail today. In this article, you will find out what exactly makes it stand out from the rest of the gems, what are its special features that will help you answer the main question "What is zircon?". If you like this stone, then in more detail, you can take a look at its exemplars that are located in our catalog. Contact us, and we will be happy to search for a beautiful model for a specific order.

Physiochemical properties of zircon

Zircon is a magmatic mineral and is a zirconium silicate. The color spectrum of this gem and its physical properties depend on impurities, which can be hafnium (up to 4%), aluminum, iron, calcium, titanium, etc. Zircon tends to change its color under the influence of high temperatures. This property is actively exploited in jewelry. Zircon most often obtains magnificent bright yellow and amazing blue shades when heating the minerals of red-brown samples.

  • Chemical formula: ZrSiO4
  • Shine: diamond
  • Dispersion: 0,039
  • Refractive index: 1.810-2.024
  • Transparency: transparent, translucent, opaque
  • Hardness: 7.5 on the Mohs scale
  • Density: 4.6-4.7 g/cm3

Varieties of colored jewelry zircons are distinguished by color:

  • hyacinth (orange or brownish-red)
  • jargon (straw yellow)
  • green zircon

Deposits of gem zircon are very rare, although zircon as an accessory (part of) mineral is widespread in alkaline igneous rocks, pegmatites, etc. The main source of gemstones are the deposits of Thailand, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. There are also jewelry zircon deposits in Burma, the USA, Brazil, Canada, Norway, Australia, Tanzania. In Russia, jewelry zircons are found in the Urals and in kimberlite and alluvial diamond deposits in Yakutia.

Due to the variety of colors and properties of light refraction, zircon is quite common in jewelry:

  • It adorns earrings exquisitely and uncommonly
  • Zircon perfectly decorate the hand in the form of a bracelet
  • The gem emphasizes the refined lines of a woman's neck, being framed in a pendant
  • Spectacular rings, bracelets, or necklaces are made from large stone cabochons.
  • Smaller and clearer stones sparkle in elaborate rings

This variety allows you to meet the needs of all buyers without exception and choose jewelry that emphasizes your individual merits.

What is the difference between real zircon and a fake one?

The main difference between many natural gemstones is all kinds of inclusions. This criterion is especially helpful in determining the authenticity of minerals if they are transparent. Zircon is one of these minerals. Therefore, you should arm yourself with a magnifying glass and carefully examine the stone natural voids, inclusions (large or small) all these are signs of natural zircon. Basically, on the market, cubic zirconia is given out for this gem, which, in turn, is striking in its purity.

difference between real zircon and a fake one

  • Another difference between zircon is its diamond luster. Few minerals possess it, so take a closer look at the stone.
  • When establishing the authenticity of the stone, try to find an opportunity to compare its weight with the weight of cubic zirconia the latter will be much heavier than a real mineral.
  • It is good if, when examining a mineral, you will have the opportunity to test it for radiation. True gem is radioactive. You should not be afraid of this the radiation is negligible in order to harm the human body.
  • If you look at the stone, brought up at eye level, you can see how the edges of the cone of the mineral bifurcate. If this happens, then the zircon is natural.

We hope that our article helped you get an answer to the question “What is zircon?” To verify the veracity of the excellent characteristics of the stone, we recommend you to visit our catalog. It contains detailed photos and videos without any color correction.


Is zircon a real gemstone?

Zircon is a real gemstone. This stone has nothing in common with cubic zirconia, as it has different characteristics and is much less common.

Is zircon safe to wear?

It is important to buy zircon from verified jewelry companies so that you can wear the stone safely. For example, Gem Lovers offer only safe gems.

What is so special about zircon?

Zircon is a very special stone as it is quite rare. It also has a rich color palette that shines with an enchanting sheen.

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