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Which stones are best to use for wedding rings?

September 5, 2021

best stone to use for wedding rings

In the past few years, gemstone engagement rings have become increasingly popular. Someone cannot afford to buy a ring with a diamond, but someone wants to stand out from the crowd and buy jewelry for a lifetime that will be truly unique. In any case, before making your choice, find out more about what stones are and aren’t suitable for rings that you intend to wear all your life.

Best Gems for Wedding Rings

Despite the fact that all expensive stones are quite durable, they are still rated on the Mohs scale. Roughly speaking, this is an indicator of the hardness of the stone, which affects its wear resistance. According to this scale, stones are assigned a hardness level from 1 to 10 (where the stone is assigned all 10 points). And the most suitable stones for a wedding or engagement ring are those that are close to the maximum strength indicators. Further – about them


  • Ruby — 9.0 on the Mohs scale


A real ruby ​​will be an excellent choice for an engagement ring, as this stone will look the same as it did on the day you bought the jewelry, even after decades.


Ruby – the fire of passion

Red is the color of passionate love and desire. An exquisite ruby ​​engagement ring looks bright and extraordinary. Delicate curls of white noble metal perfectly emphasize the sparkling gemstone of exquisite wine shade.


  • Diamond is the glow of love in your eyes. 

Exquisite wedding rings have not left fashion catwalks and women’s hearts for many years. Models in red rose and white gold is in trend. Choose accessories in a laconic, classic design. Champagne diamond rings are especially popular this season. Such an exquisite decoration will not leave indifferent any girl.


  • Sapphire — 9.0 


Sapphire is one of the most demanded stones for wedding and engagement rings for more than one century. It was used in this jewelry even before diamonds. And all thanks to the incredible strength of the stone and the beautiful blue or cornflower blue color.


Sapphire is an ocean of tenderness

Delicate wedding rings with stones of deep blue color are at the height of fashion. Classic models made of white gold or platinum, decorated with large sapphires framed with diamonds, look especially stylish. The cold shine of the noble metal perfectly emphasizes the extraordinary shade of the stone.


  • Aquamarine — 7.5-8.0 


This stone can scratch over time if not cared for properly. And if worn carelessly, it can even crack. But, despite this, it is very popular among rings because of its beautiful delicate color.

The Worst gemstones for engagement rings

The Worst gemstones for engagement rings

When choosing a stone for a ring that you intend to wear all your life, it is important to consider its strength on the Mohs scale, but not only. It is also very important to consider how prone the stone is to crack or crumble. If you want one of the below “unsuitable” stones, it needs to be encrusted in a frame that will reliably protect it. In this case, the ring will need to be worn very carefully, not to hit or scratch, and also not to expose it to liquid for a long time.


  • Pearls — 2.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale


Even though pearls are quite fragile, many women choose them for wedding and engagement rings. But, making such a choice, you should understand that the surface of the pearl can be scratched or rubbed over time, because of which the jewelry will lose its appearance. Also, since pearls often stick to metal, they can fall out of the ring.


  • Emerald — 7.5-8.0 


Even though emeralds are quite durable, it is not recommended to inlay them in wedding and engagement rings, since all inclusions and cavities inside the stone make it prone to cracking and splitting. Because of this risk, many jewelers do not want to insert even expensive emeralds into jewelry without signing a disclaimer in the future.


  • Opal — 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale


Opal is one of the most beautiful and magical gemstones. But it has long been considered a bad luck stone. And this is partly due to its softness. Scratches and chips are often not visible on the surface of the stone due to its opacity, but its tendency to split still makes it not the best choice for a ring that you intend to wear your entire life.

The history of wearing wedding rings

The tradition of wearing wedding rings is more ancient than most other wedding ceremonies we know. It survived the test of time, religions, and beliefs of various peoples and came to us in almost the same form in which it appeared thousands of years ago.

Some researchers believe that for the first time the tradition of exchanging wedding rings arose in Ancient Greece, others attribute this ritual to Ancient Egypt, but absolutely everyone agrees that its history is impressive: it is much older than Christianity and, in general, modern ideas about the wedding. Some scholars say that the first wedding rings were made from reed or hemp back in the days when noble metals were not known to mankind. However, regardless of whether the ring is made of gold or a simple twig, its meaning remains the same to this day.

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