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Why Amethyst Engagement Rings are a Great Choice

August 30, 2021


Engagement is a special occasion that requires preparation and special attributes. Every man in love should know his future bride’s personal details such as appearance and character features, tastes, and dreams to carry out the most remarkable moment of the mutual life. 

There is no doubt that the extra second item of the engagement to-do list for each bridegroom is a ring. The market-aggressive idea is to purchase the diamond rings, however, there are a lot of colored gemstones which blow out this mistaken belief. 

Amethyst is one of the brilliant substitutes which could highlight the romantic life moment. This gem is deemed the most expensive quartz-typed stone representative due to its 4C properties (clarity, color, carat, and cut). Furthermore, these gemstones frightfully look like teeny comets and seem to be ethereal creatures that come from space.

By the way, it used to be associated with royalty and luxury spirits, especially when we talk about special deep violet, purple, or light blue colors. Such cool tones have psychological treatment effects because they help to calm down and provide relaxing aid. Moreover, the purple-shaded amethyst rings perfectly match the lavender-decorated wedding stuff and then complete the evening and casual outfits.

Key benchmarks on how to choose the amethyst engagement rings

Key benchmarks on how to choose the amethyst engagement rings

The amethyst is a gemstone yielded in the territory of modern Germany and Austria. Birkenfeld district, Zillertal valley, and Chemnitz town are considered to be the world-famous sites where this gemstone is mined. However, the highly qualitative purple treasuries are discovered in the Ural mountains, Sri Lanka, and Brasilia. Besides, the last one generates a huge amount of the most beautiful jewelry stones mined. In order to get acquainted with the quality of this gem and choose the well-processed amethyst rings, you may distinguish the core criteria for this gemstone customer assessment.

Our website contains a wide range of gemstones. In particular, you can find different shapes and tints of amethysts. Our offers will satisfy your esthetical tastes and wishes. You may choose the fancy-, heart-, or pear-shaped gems to propose to your lover, to present a special gift at the anniversary occasion, and just to appreciate your wife upon the baby delivery.

Also, our website provides more reserved shapes of this elegant jewelry stone like emerald, radiant, cushion, and so on. They perfectly complete both your evening outfits and business suite and inspire you with self-confidence and self-perception as a charming and fascinating woman during the official ceremonies or the crucial negotiations.

We also offer you the amethyst-perfect color considering all your demands and needs. If you are looking for royal elegance jewelry, you should draw your focus on these purple gems. But, if you are a romantic person and like to dream about epic love, the light yellowish stones will satisfy your inner ambitions. In any case, we help you to make the right decision.

  • Cut particularities As a quarts relative, amethyst is classified as the middle hard gem. According to Mohs scale, it has 7 points out of 10. Its density is not so high and does not exceed 2.65 g per сm3. The crystals predominantly shape a combination of prism and rhomb models. In the natural environment, this gem is mined as a sort of druse or particularly untreated crystal roses. Such authentic and even fancy forms having non-standard natural cuts are frequently accessible. However, the vast majority of the cut styles are dimensioned up to the standard size appropriate for jewelry utilization purposes.
  • Amethyst colors The colors could be very vivid due to an iron impurity in the mineral structure. This gemstone could be discolored to light shades under the influences of high temperatures. The amethyst strongly turns its coloring into white at 200 °C, but it could return to its initial shade when it completely gets cold. In addition, the temperate rate measured at 300−500 °C is crucial for these gemstone colors, which could never be recovered and remedied by means of chemical manipulations such as ionization.
  • Carat-weighted features The large size does not determine the quality of this gem and its price. In comparison with the other colored gemstones, the jewelry with these purple inserts of small sizes looks more presentable and attractive than the large-sized gems. This feature allows significantly simplifying the selection of gems with differentiated sizes to create a holistic set.
  • Gem clarity In the jewelers’ opinion, these naturally unprocessed gemstones are clean and do not require difficult cutting actions. This means that any damages or additional elements are hard to be noticed without the special optic tools.
  • Cost verified aspects The gem does not refer to the highly expensive colored semi-gemstones in terms of the jewelry market trends. The heavily qualitative and carat-weighted gems remain to be affordable for the ordinary customer.

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