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Zodiac Stones

Zodiac Stones
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Everyone loves to receive gifts for a special occasion or even no reason. But, what could qualify as an ideal gift without any allergic reaction, wrong size, or ugly coloring? The answer is simple and obvious – natural gemstones with a reliable origin and high 4C (color, clarity, cut, and carat) criteria. The gemstones become more effective presents when they are birthstones by the receiver’s zodiac sign. This present selection approach is correct and has minimum risks to choosing something wrong. The zodiac gemstones are connected with their particular meaning, which is understandable by the persons born under their special stars like Aries, Scorpio, Capricorns, or Aquarius.

The birthstone selection requires a well-prepared analysis of gemstone properties and temper features of the presentee to reach the perfect combination and positive interaction between the human and their genuine mineral protector. In this case, astrological experts emphasize that the zodiac birthstones help uncover the human hidden potential and talents and eliminate the adverse effects of various life situations. Our managers gather all the necessary information which might be helpful for you to make the right choice and find your birthstone. However, your decision might be complicated due to a broad range of shapes and colors.

Birthstones by zodiac

The astrologically gifted jewel stone is a tangible protector and adviser, symbolizing the secret desires and dreams of the gemstone owner. The precisely reliable information about the zodiac birthstones grounded on the birth date and month forms the entire picture of the beneficial impact on life. So, pick up your zodiac sign and get acquainted with the gemmy specimens:

  • Aries.

Courageous and gorgeous Aries-born people with clearly identified leadership ambitions truly take the top astrological range. Maybe, the metaphysical spirits or gods managed by the Arias temper features were right and gave them the king of the gemstone monarchy – the diamond. Perfect and ideally-cut gems strengthen the dreams and desires of this warrior zodiac sign. Also, people marked by the Arias star could choose tourmalines to improve their health and rubies to keep the passion flame stable.

  • Taurus

The Taurus-marked persons should pay attention to heavy shades. Calm and rationalized personalities are associated with emerald coloring. The harmonic vibes generated by alexandrites will also balance the different spheres of everyday living.

  • Gemini

If someone wants a lifestyle like Gemini representatives, they should be ready to go down and up the rocky slides. The Gemini quickly change their minds and take multitasking challenges. They are real extreme lovers and adventurers, and simultaneously, such individuals are romance seekers and epic love devotees. To support this zodiac sign, nature gave birth to the most valuable gemstones pearls and citrines.

  • Cancer

It seems the Italians are a genuine Cancer population due to the high emotional temper of this zodiac sign. At the same time, such personalities are sensitive and, sometimes, naive. To concentrate their attention and calm down the increasing emotions, astrologists advise rubies gemstones. Amethysts uncover their wisdom potential.

  • Leo

The Leo star protectees love increased attention to their personalities and luxury lifestyle – they tend to feel like a million bucks. Due to that, many representatives of this zodiac sign connect their life with the media industry. So, to encourage their public speeches, peridots embedded in well-polished golden settings could become effective facilitators for those purposes. This zodiac sign belongs to the flame element, tourmalines as birthstones will also help the Leos remove any fear and enhance their creative potential.

  • Virgo

The genuine Virgos are committed to keeping the well-organized order for everything they touch. However, the exceeding managerial intentions exhaust this sign, and they frequently suffer from depression and stress. That’s why sapphires will teach them how to build a successful career, find sincere love, and feel happiness in everyday activities.

  • Libra

The Libra-born people are the true aesthetes. They struggle with finding the balance between their light and dark sides. In other words, the Libras’ cognitive opinions and world-realization are like a universe with many philosophical ties, resembling the opal play-of-colors. Also, the gemstones’ properties like tourmalines and aquamarines will be helpful if these personalities want to keep a clear mind and achieve their goals.

  • Scorpio

This zodiac sign is the most mysterious, with many secrets and magnetic energy. The Scorpio-marked persons are vivid personalities that need to bridle their temper and forward ambitions to the beneficial objectives. In this case, the best helper is a topaz gemstone in conjunction with the garnet subtypes, which increase their attractiveness fluids. 

  • Sagittarius

These curious adventure seekers born under the Sagittarius star are incredibly positive and brave folk. However, sometimes they need to calm down and step away from the dangerous initiatives. To this end, birthstones like morganites and beryls well-chosen by this zodiac sign would be excellent protectors to bring self-confidence, peace, and spiritual harmony.

  • Capricorn

The Capricorn persons are rational and have a mathematical mindset. Their logical skills are pretty high, and any task or brain teaser is resolved straightforwardly by the representative of this land element protector. Their values are more concentrated on material welfare. So, to boost the materialization of their dreams, the astrologers recommend using any specimen from the garnet family. According to the improvements of the living functions, corals would be the best option for the Caprican-signed individuals.

  • Aquarius

The last but not the least zodiac sign belonging to the wind element from our list is classified as people who love to investigate this world, appreciate their freedom, and place spiritual values above material welfare. To enhance their inner potential, the gemologists suggest amethysts that remove any stress, improve the financial provisions, and save the owner against any dangerous situation. If these persons want to make their chances higher in the love or family business, they should pay attention to the spinels colored in warm shades.

  • Pisces

Pisces-signed personalities are creative and dreamful. Sometimes their kindness and naive temper could have adverse results. So, to fill the gaps in their imperfect temper weaknesses, astrologists recommend metaphysical zodiac gemstones like aquamarines, which give family happiness and endless luck, and moonstones to protect their soul from stress and emotional disorders.

Any zodiac sign is unique and requires particular attention provided by the specific gemological emotion and health-keepers gifted by nature to a special person.

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