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Stone chrysoberyl includes three gemological types: alexandrite, transparent chrysoberyl and cat’s eye. Natural transparent chrysoberyl without color change effect is represented on the international market as a color gemstone "chrysoberyl". It can be yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish-yellow or green. To answer the question where are chrysoberyl crystals found, rough comes from Brazil, India, Africa and others, and, according to popular belief, the best samples of high clarity are Sri Lankan and Brazilian chrysoberyl, depending on gem variety. Alexandrite is a most popular and desirable precious chrysoberyl type with amazing optical phenomenon of color change depending of light type. Another interesting optical phenomenon in chrysoberyl is a cat’s eye effect.

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Natural chrysoberyl with cat's-eye effect is well known as simple «cat's eye», it could demonstrate alexandrite effect too. It is high appreciated in the world among collectors and fine jewelry lovers. Natural transparent chrysoberyl price per carat mainly depends on its color, cut quality, weight and clarity. Saturated yellow and greenish specimens of chrysoberyl with high clarity have high value. Due to the perfect luster and bright color, such stones look very attractive. As a conclusion, there are no enhancement methods of chrysoberyl. You can be sure, that color of this precious stone is natural. Its clarity is also not improved by any means. Gem Lovers online store offers all varieties of gemstone chrysoberyl for sale: alexandrite, cat’s eye and transparent chrysoberyl. Also, we are ready to fulfill your special order on unique gemstone whether for jewelry or for private collectors. Gemologists of Gem Lovers carefully select only good, excellent and perfect samples to avoid visible defects of clarity and cutting. Overall, Gem Lovers website is an excellent marketplace to buy natural gemstone chrysoberyl with good price! Enjoy!