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Emerald cabochon

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Natural emerald is the most desirable and popular variety of beryl mineral. Its name means “green precious stone” in different languages. But not every green beryl can be defined as real emerald. If the case of green is a presence of chrome and vanadium, the stone can be referred as “emerald”, but if the reason is, for instance, iron element, it will be just green beryl.

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Quality factors of emerald gemstone

Value of original emerald depends on quality factors: color, clarity, origin, carat weight, cutting and treatment.

Firstly, color is the priority factor of evaluation. Dominant colour of this precious stone is green, it comes from light to dark tone, and could also contain secondary hues: blue and yellow. Second factor, clarity, in the majority of cases is not principal, because normally raw and crystals of green beryl contain cracks and inclusions and very rare come transparent. But whether a stone is completely pure or has low clarity it is a gap between their prices.

Origin of emerald has a great influence on its cost, so it is better to buy certified stone with defined county of mining and all characteristics description. The main sources of this stone are:

Large history of this gemstone dictates traditional cutting style. The majority of loose emeralds are faceted in octagonal shape by step-cut, named also “emerald-cut”. It considers to get the best weight return from green beryl crystals and demonstrate good color and luster, as compromise between economic and beauty.

Often, original gemstones having good green colour but not very clear (with visible inclusions) are processed in cabochon form. Buyers like real emerald cabochons, they could be very large, 10 carats and more, they come from light blueish to dark green and their cost per carat is much more less, than faceted loose original gemstones.

Interesting, that more than 90% of all green beryl gemstones are treated by different methods of clarity enhancement. Filling by oil and impregnation by polymers are common practice, it allows to make cracks less visible and to increase the stone's attractiveness.

How much is real emerald worth?

The most expensive, the best emeralds, are deep, bright and saturated green with good clarity from 5 - 7 carats more from Columbian mines. In comparison, samples from India are valued significant less, than columbian with the same quality. Nowadays, high quality stones also come from Zambia, they have beautiful colour and good clarity in average. Market price of original green emerald gemstone can be from hundreds $ USA per karat for 1-2 ct samples and could reach thousands $ USA per carat for flawless samples weighted more 3 ct, depending on the quality of the gemstone.

How to buy emerald stone

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