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Alexandrites on demand

At the first time alexandrite was discovered in the Urals in 1830.

But nowadays there are practically no gem-quality stones on the world market. The most interesting property of the mineral is a phenomenon of changing color from green to reddish tones depending on the type of lighting. Often under poor lighting in everyday light it can look dark.

For jewelry

Faceted alexandrite are rarely larger than 5 ct. As their color usually looks dark, jewellers use open bezel set. Pay attention that clarity of russian chrysoberyls with color change effect is less than tanzanian, brazilian, indian, ceylon alexandrites possess. Note, that melee brazilian alexandrites look perfect in jewelry.

Set selection

If you want a pair or set of alexandrites in earrings and in ring, forget about stones larger than 2-3 ct each. There is a chance to select similar in all charateristics samples from Brazil and possible Sri-Lanka. Get ready, that cost of a stone from a set will be higher in comparison with a single sample in 1.5-2 times.

For collector

For demanded collectors there is an opportunity to collect allexandrites from main sources: Tanzania, Brazil, India, Sri-Lanka and Russia. Many collectors have a dream to receive collectable crystal in the form of twins «peshka», that are typical for Uralian samples. Note, that similar «peshkas» also comes from Zimbabwe. Rare alexandrites with cat’s eye phenomenon are usually cut in cabochon shape.

For investor

Alexandrite tends to rise due to high demand and very low supply of gem-quality faceted samples on the world market. Samples over 5 ct with strong color change effect  and high clarity are an excellent option for investment purposes. It is more rational to choose alexandrites without noticeable cracks and inclusions. Pay attention wether there is a certificate from a reputable laboratory or not, as it confirm a place of origin.


You can order certificate from any gemological laboratory in the world. Price and timing of processing a certificate depend on the laboratory you have chosen.


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