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  • Clarity: slightly included
  • Enhancement: heat treatment
  • Shape: pear
  • Size: 10.54x7.36x4.35; 10.14x7.74x4.84
  • Geographic origin: Madagascar
  • Clarity: heavily included
  • Enhancement: heat treatment
  • Shape: oval
  • Size: 8.43x6.20x4.34
  • Geographic origin: Burma (Myanmar)

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Ruby selection to order

Ruby is the most expensive of all color stones. 

There is a dominance in the market of glass-filled red corundums, which valued much cheaper than untreated natural ruby. Beautiful natural specimens are worth a lot, and their demand is only increasing.

For jewelry

Choosing a precious ruby of a specific size for jewelry, keep in mind that it is cut as usual flat. In this case, with a minimum weight, the stone shows the maximum “face”, that is, it looks larger in jewelry. 

Such proportions allow to save weight but there will be lack of color and play of light in a central part of a faceted stone. Color is also a tricky question, because shades Pigeon Blood and Vivid Red may look dark in northern latitudes. Rubies from Burma will be 30-60 percent more expensive than samples from Africa.

Set selections

It is not difficult to select small clean stones in a set, but if you need rubies over 3 carats each, it will become highly challenging task. Samples weighed over 5 carats can be really found only among heated red corundums. You can order a set in a necklace or, for example, in earrings, both heated and natural (untreated).

For collector

We can select samples from such rare deposits as Old Siam (Thailand), Jagdalek and Batakundi (Afghanistan and Pakistan), including African samples from Tanzania, Madagascar (Didy) and Mozambique, Burmese faceted samples from the Mogok deposit and more common in the market from Mong Shu.

For investor

In terms of investment, ruby is one of the most promising color gemstones. Over the past 20 years, its price has risen rapidly. The best quality large untreated (natural) Burmese samples are sold at auctions for more than $1 million per carat. It is extremely difficult to find relatively inexpensive beautiful Burmese rubies, such stones are significantly overestimated. In our opinion, nowadays, it is reasonable to consider untreated pigeon blood color rubies larger than 3 carats from Mozambique as an object for investment. They are beautiful and still underestimated in full, but they are and are rising in price year by year.


You can order certificate from any gemological laboratory in the world. Price and timing of processing a certificate depend on the laboratory you have chosen.


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