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Tourmaline Paraiba

  • Clarity: moderately included
  • Enhancement: heat treatment
  • Shape: oval
  • Size: 9.93x8.17x6.60
  • Geographic origin: Mozambique
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Paraiba tourmalines are real treasures. They are very beautiful, rare and expensive. They are loved for the unique neon blue colors. These are relatively new gemstones for the global market (mining since the late 1980s). You need to take into account the color intensity, the presence of additional greenish shades and clarity when choosing an instance. Its geographical origin also affects the price very much.


Keep in mind that most Paraiba tourmalines are faceted in oval or pear forms. It is almost unrealistic to find them in the form of an octagon, large rounds, or heart shapes. They look great mounted in white gold or platinum. If you want the brightest blue color, then you should pay attention to the gemstones from Brazil. But they are rarely larger than 2 carats, almost always contain inclusions and cracks. Mozambique Paraiba tourmalines are times less expensive. It can be clean even on a large scale, but it is usually lighter than the Brazilian one.


It’s very difficult to find even a pair of matched Paraiba tourmalines for earrings. The task becomes more feasible if you select medium-sized light stones from Mozambique. Please note that the Brazilian Paraiba melee looks great in jewelry. Usually these are circles not much than 3 mm in diameter.


Particular collector interest are neon blue tourmalines from Brazil. They are very rare in the global market. Therefore, beautiful stones larger than 1 carat are already a good find. Their purchase should be accompanied by laboratory certificate, which indicates their origin. The Mozambique Paraiba has both warm and unheated shades in violet, purple, green and blue colors - we can find these colors on order. And there are very few Paraiba tourmalines mined in Nigeria.


For investment are suitable both - Brazilian and Mozambican high-quality Paraiba tourmalines. It’s not scary if they were heat treated. Almost all copper-containing tourmalines from Mozambique are heated to remove the pink-violet component of the color and open the blue color. Be careful when buying brazilian Paraibas - their cracks are often filled with various substances to improve clarity.


You can order certificate from any gemological laboratory in the world. Price and timing of processing a certificate depend on the laboratory you have chosen.


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