Encyclopedia of stones

The Gem Encyclopedia is designed so that Gem Lovers customers and all who are interested in this theme can learn more about the amazing world of gemstones. We hope that the information from this encyclopedia will be useful to both amateurs and professional gemologists (gemology is a science about precious stones).

Each encyclopedia article contains information about one of the popular gems. In a descriptions of a gemstone, translation and meaning of its name are given. A separate block is devoted to chemical composition, basic properties and characteristics of precious, as well as “semi-precious”, gemstones. There is a section devoted to interesting facts.

There, unusual characteristics and properties of precious and jewelry stones are considered, pictures with names of precious stones are given. In the “History” block, historical facts, legends and beliefs about the magical properties of precious and “semiprecious” stones are collected, as well as information about the value of precious stones in the life of famous people and their favorite jewelry.

The section «Deposits» tells about main sources where a particular gem is mined, what features of composition and color range occur in samples from different deposits.The «Enhancement» section we write about methods of treatment of each gemstone, that allow to improve appearance (color, clarity) of a particular gemstone. The gemology science is loyal to treatment of precious stones, if the information on the fact of treatment is not hidden during the sale and if the result of such enhancement is stable. A selection of interesting facts about the properties and characteristics of precious and semiprecious stones has great importance in our encyclopedia. How precious and “semiprecious” stones of different names look can also be seen in the photos and pictures at the end of each article. Note that all photos and pictures of precious stones were made by the Gem Lovers team.