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Cost of emerald

June 14, 2021

Cost of emerald

In the photo: rough emerald from Afghanistan weight over 30 gram

The cost of emerald depends on the combination of all factors considered in the first and second parts of the article. The most important factors affecting how much an emerald costs are the following: color, information about enhancement and weight. The brighter and richer the color of emerald is, the more expensive it will be. Also, with the increase in carat weight, its rarity increases (since small samples are much more common), and therefore, the cost also increases. Untreated emerald or samples with minor and moderate level of treatment are judged more expensive than samples with significant level of filling. A sample without a certificate from a well-known laboratory may cost less, but then there is some risk regarding the natural origin and fact and method of enhancement. There were cases, they tried to sell large synthetic emeralds as natural stones without any certificates

In the gem-world it is accepted that the cost of precious stones is often given in us dollars per 1 carat. There are several organizations that produce price targets for precious stones in the form of tables depending on their weight and quality. Before you start your own analysis of specific market offers, you can find out the approximate price level of certain positions in these publications. How much is a carat of certain characteristics worth can be found approximately, for example, from the magazine Gem Guide. Prices are given there for a moderate degree of filling with oil and without reference to a deposit. According to data from this magazine for January/February 2015, the price of emeralds in us dollars per carat, depending on the level of quality lies in the following ranges (for cut emeralds weighing 3-5 ct):

  • Low commercial quality 350-375
  • Good quality 650-2700
  • Very good quality 2300-5500
  • Excellent quality 5000-8500

With increasing weight, cost of emerald per carat also increases. For example, in the same magazine for samples weighing 8-15 carats of excellent quality, the cost is already in the range of 7500-12000 us dollars per ct.

How much is 1 carat of emerald of certain quality characteristics, you can also understand, based on the various offers of the market. It is necessary to compare the price for very similar stones of approximately the same weight. Keep in mind that color is often distorted in photos. Therefore, the decision to buy an expensive sample is better to take, looking at the sample alive, based on the practical recommendations discussed above.

– At the first part we tell about main quality factors: color, clarity and carat weight.
– At the second part of the article we considered such factors as cutting, deposits, fact of treatment, variety and certificate, that also affected price.

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