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How much is sapphire?

June 14, 2021

price of a sapphire

In the photo: the unique star sapphire from Burma weighing 31.25 ct

The price of sapphire depends on the combination of all the factors that we have discussed before. The most important factors though are color, weight and the information on enhancement. The brighter the both colors are – the higher the price is. Also the bigger the piece is – the higher is the rarity and therefore the price (small pieces are much more likely to be found). Enhanced sapphires cost much less than natural that is why they usually have a certificate or gemstone report. Unheated sapphire may cost 1,5-2 times more than a similar heated one. Stones that don’t have a gemstone report may cost less but then you can’t be sure if the stone is natural or enhanced.

  • Low (commercial) quality – 45-450 USD per carat
  • Good quality – 625-1525 USD per carat
  • Very good quality – 1825-3700 USD per carat
  • Excellent quality – 3850-6000 USD per carat

As the weight goes up so does the price per carat. For example, for 8-10 carats sapphires of excellent quality the price would be 6500-9300 USD per carat.
And for unheated Burmese sapphires of excellent quality weighing 6-10 carats, the price is 12250-18000 USD per carat.

How much does a sapphire cost? You can estimate a certain piece also by analyzing different offers on the market. Note that you can only compare prices for very similar pieces of more or less the same weight. Note that sapphires on the photo may show different color comparing to real life. That is why it’s better to make decision on buying after seeing the stone alive and don’t forget the recommendations we gave you before.

We will be happy to help you choose and buy your future sapphire, feel free to ask any questions!

Sapphire price

– At the first part of the article we tell about color, clarity and weight.

– At the second part of the article we consider such factors, affected price of sapphire, as cutting, origin, certificate, varieties.

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