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Demantoid Garnet heart

Demantoid Garnet heart image

Garnet demantiod is a member of mineral garnet family side by side with tsavorite, pyrope, almandine, rhodolite, spessartite, hessonite. It belongs to the andradite garnet variety. Its color range limits by green hue. Gem-quality demantoids could contain different shades: from yellow-green, sometimes with a brownish tint to saturated green, which are the most expensive. According to popular belief, demantoid garnet is one of the most beautiful gemstones: its dispersion is very high, even higher than diamond has. This fact leads to the breathtaking fire and brilliance on facets of cut stones. So, demantoid can compete in fire even with diamond! That’s why this green garnet was named as «demantoid», that means «like a diamond».

Origin: All Russia (Ural) | Madagascar | Namibia | Iran
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Cut and weight of demantoid. Most often these green garnets are cut in the form of a round diamond-cut to fully reveal the beauty of the play of light and the brilliance. Demantoid, as usual, occurs in the form of small crystal pieces and consequences the majority of faceted green garnet is less than 1 carat, so the price of a green garnet is high, and larger samples may have a collector and investment interest. Value of green demantoid garnet increases in relation with purity and saturation of green color and its size. From where demantoid comes? There are only a few occurrences of green garnet demantoid in the world: Russia, Namibia, Madagascar, Iran. The most rare demantoid garnet comes from Ural, Russia, this deposit presents bright saturated green samples with a valuable «horsetail» inclusion of byssolite. In Gem Lovers catalog we offer high quality demantoid garnet gemstone specimens weighted more than 1 carat. Find your excellent green garnet in Gem Lovers online store! It is a perfect marketplace to inspire by beauty of real treasures and buy green demantoid at a profitable price safe and convenient.