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Garnet red oval

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Garnet is a well known gemstone, from antique and medieval to nowadays it was widely used in jewelry of different styles for all estates. This mineral displays an outstanding wide palette of colors and shades. There are several types of jewelry garnet: red (almandine, pyrope, rhodolite), orange (spessartite and hessonite), green garnets (demantoid and tsavorite), brownish (topazolite), greenish-yellow (grossular) and garnets with color change effect (from blueish-green to purple).

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The most rare variety from garnet family is tsavorite, its main deposits are situated on the territory of Kenya and Tanzania. Tsavorite is less common than, for example emerald more than 200 times. Its colors contain different shades of green, from dark to light. Tsavorite has high hardness and luster, so, it is very popular in jewelry today. From all varieties of garnet demantoid distinguishes by strong fire, that defines as dispersion. Value of demantoid dispersion is higher than diamond has, play of colors on facets contains flashes of red, it looks amazing! Another popular garnet is spessartite, bright sunny gemstone with tropical orange color, it looks very positive! A major amount of specimens contains little cracks and inclusions, so high clarity of 5+ ct orange garnet is very rare. Main fields of jewel spessartite occur in Nigeria, Mozambique and Namibia. Spessartite is never treated! Price of spessartite is in uptrend, so its purchase is commercially profitable now. With respect to red samples, main minor problems are darkness and low clarity. Sometimes samples has little or too large or too small deep pavilion, defects of polishing and symmetry. As for red garnet, saturation and strength of red or pink hue is very important, only 1 of nearly 20 pieces on market has attractive color. And less quantity - both good color and clarity. With respect to spessartite, it can't be judged by the same standarts as red varieties. As well as in emerald, inclusions and cracks are typical in spessartite from all sources, so low clarity is normal. Bright pure orange color is the most important quality factor for spessartite. More complicated tsavorite garnet evaluation is. Besides clarity and color, carat weight is principal for this garnet variety. Typically, rough of natural tsavorite comes from mines very fractured, consequently, it is suitable for faceting basically very little gems. This fact means, that tsavorite samples more than 1-2 carats are considered to be extremely rare and expensive. Gem Lovers’ gemologists collect only beautiful fine gemstones, including varieties of garnet. You can find in our catalog red garnets, tsavorite, demantoid, spessartite and color change samples. Our selection contains only good and high quality garnet with nice polishing and symmetry, transparency, beautiful bodycolor and weight more than 1 carat. Find a garnet for your private collection and exclusive jewelry among our treasures in catalog and make sure, that online store Gem Lovers is the best place to buy gemstones sate and convenient. Enjoy!