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Rhodolite Pyrope Almandine cushion

Rhodolite Pyrope Almandine cushion image

Red garnet is a common name of mineral garnet varieties in shades of red color: pyrope, almandine and rhodolite (mainly), they are prevalent for garnet family. They might look almost similar, but have insignificant for gem and jewelry lovers differences in chemical composition. This types occur in nature in red, purple, pink and violet hues, within almost any intensity and tone range, besides very light. Red garnet has been very popular from ancient time till nowadays. Color of passion and blood was surrounded by myth and tales. They say, among other things, that this garnet types symbolize romance and marriage, therefore red garnet jewelry is a perfect gift to young woman to be happy in love. May be, this is a reason of its heart-cut popularity.

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Bodycolor of a sample depends on the elements presence. To identify current type of red garnet only visual observation of features and optical characteristic measurement are not enough, so, it is required to make comprehensive analysis, that usually is not available in the majority of gemological laboratories. Traders and jewelers consider pyrope to be dark red, almandine to be in red vine shades. In difference, rhodolite (delicate pink garnet) is the most rare and expensive among discussed varieties. Jewelry designers and gem lovers like fine rhodolite, pyrope and almandine for their rich hue, perfect luster and availability of almost all cutting forms. Top quality samples, particularly rhodolite, look really astonishing and pleasant and create an excellent impression in exclusive jewelry with diamonds, or with contrasting semiprecious stones, for example, in tsavorite surrounding. In addition, red garnets are favored for its moderate price. Of course, whether a bodycolor of red garnet sample is very dark, or bright and dramatic pure red, it might be a significant difference in value, but, in any case, its price, in comparison with tsavorite or demantoid, is much less. There are four main characteristics of every stone, so-called «4C»: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. All this parameters are important for rhodolite, almandine and pyrope too, however, there are some features in their evaluation. If you are looking for a red garnet, you must know about probable pitfalls of this stone. For the majority of almandines and pyropes, darkness of color is a disadvantage. If the tone is very dark, it means, that stone absorbs too much light, so, it might look as single black and show weak play. On the other hand, a garnet sample can be bright and saturated without darkness, but if it displays mixed shades, like brownish and orangish, secondary hues tend to reduce its value. Pyrope and almandine types are widely spread and available. But it means, that buyers impose high standards for top quality samples. Fine quality gem must be eye or loupe clean, sometimes very small inclusions are permissible. Interesting, that samples with beautiful bodycolor, weighed more than 7-8 carats, are rare, because only small percentage of red garnet reaches large size without becoming dark in tone. Gem Lovers’ team collects for catalog stock only attractive high quality almandine, pyrope, rhodolite garnet varieties with good symmetry and polishing at profitable price. Gem Lovers online store is an excellent marketplace to find and buy your perfect gemstone!