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Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite Garnet image

Spessartite is beautiful natural gemstone garnet variety, that distinguishes from the others by its vibrant color. Value of the sample depends firstly on color characteristic. Spessartite occurs within orange color range: from slightly yellowish to deep vivid reddish. Gem and jewelry lovers are fond of spessartite samples that demonstrate saturated pure orange hue without becoming too dark or too light in tone. The most favorite and expensive commercial color types of spessartite are tandarine, «fanta» and «coca-cola».

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Besides color of the stone, clarity has also a great influence on spessartite evaluation. The majority of spessartite rough shows a trend of high fracture and presence of cracks. As for emerald, fine spessartite with good transparency and color more than 5 ct are very rare. Normally, gem-quality samples may content slightly or moderate visible inclusions. Another important value factor is cut. Hardness of garnet family allows to receive nice polishing of facets and luster. Oval, cushion and octagon cut shapes, in comparison with round, trilliant and heart shaped samples are more popular for spessartite. Excellent quality of spessartite samples in Gem Lovers’ collection is a result of high standards of our team work. We carefully select only the perfect spessartite samples with good and fine color, clarity, nice symmetry and carat weight from 2 ct and more. Gem Lovers online store is a safe and convened marketplace to find, choose and buy spessartite and other gemstones at a reasonable price.