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Tsavorite (Grossular) radiant/octagon

Tsavorite (Grossular) radiant/octagon image

Tsavorite is a rare natural gemstone garnet variety. This type comes only from the one area on territory included Kenya and Tanzania. The main reason to buy tsavorite gemstone is its amazing green color, it occurs from slightly yellowish green to dark green. Important to say, that color is the main factor of tsavorite garnet value. Price of gemstone sometimes reaches ten thousand USD per carat and more. Green garnet tsavorite is much more rare, than, for instance, emerald, blue sapphire and ruby.

Origin: All Kenya
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It is a great difference in price depending on whether a color tsavorite garnet light or rich green. Fine-color tsavorite must be perceived face up as intense saturated green without additional shades. Gem-quality tsavorite is mined normally as very fractured rough. The majority of this pieces allows to facet small size gems only. It means, that transparent and fine-color tsavorite specimens weighted more 2-3 ct are valued very high. Cutting of tsavorite is very important. Good proportion and polishing could maximize brilliance and make tsavorite gemstone looks more attractive. Gem and jewelry lovers prefer such shapes as oval, cushion, octagon (step-cut and radiant). As for minor problem, zoning, low clarity and too deep or too small pavilion usually significantly reduce value of tsavorite. In Gem Lovers’ Catalog you can find and choose natural tsavorite garnet gemstones that combine good green color, clarity and beautiful cut weighted more than 2 ct. High quality and reasonable price are dictated by price policy of Gem Lovers Company. Gem Lovers Online store Is a perfect marketplace, where you can buy tsavorite for private collection or exclusive jewelry creation. Enjoy!