Cushion-cut blue sapphire

Cushion-cut blue sapphire 3.28 ct


A beautiful bright blue sapphire of natural origin, the place where the crystal was found in Sri Lanka. It is believed that precious sapphires are the traditional calling card of this island. The cut shape of this stone is a cushion, close to a square, thanks to the shallow pavilion, the stone has a large face and looks larger than it is. The cut and polish quality are good. There is slight hexagonal zoning of color, the color is deep, saturated blue, without additional shades. It should be noted the high purity (VS, Type II according to the GIA colored stones rating system), which is considered to be an excellent indicator for blue sapphires. The stone was heat treated and certified. Sapphire can only be purchased with a simultaneous order to make a product with it.

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