Royal blue sapphire from Sri Lanka

Royal blue sapphire from Sri Lanka 2.36 ct


Most people are unaware that almost all sapphires are heated at extremely high temperatures to "enhance" their color and clarity and they must know that iit s just an improvement. This is considered acceptable in the jewellery trade as no chemicals are added and the sapphire is not changed chemically apart from the removal or conversion of the rutile. Sapphire heat treatments that are common practice in the market today. This is the oldest form of Sapphire treatments.
Blue sapphire is one of the classic colored gemstones but the Royal blue sapphires make the way for luxurious joyful royal life and happiness forever.
Rare, exceptionally brilliant make the price fairly for this unique Royal Blue Sapphire.
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We present to your attention a beautiful precious blue sapphire of Ceylon origin. The cutter gave the crystal the shape of a cushion, such a cut will always be attractive and in demand among connoisseurs of stones. The main thing in this instance is color. Bright blue, rich, sonorous. Sapphire mass is 2.36 carats. The quality of the cut is good. The stone was heat treated.

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